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Carmel College

No description

carmel team 1

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Carmel College

Carmels Address
Contact details! Why Carmel College? By Emily Halligan Results Why Choose Carmel? The Campus! Here are some examples of the grades our College has achieved on a yearly basis. Help and Support...
Each student is given a tutor group and this is like a form where you go to once a week and you are informed about anything that is going on in college that week and so on...

Your tutor group teacher is the one person you are advised to go to when you need to talk about something. It could be about anything.

All tutors are there for you to talk to no matter what to situation, some can be asked for confidential and other can be asked for something to be reported.

Never feel alone in Carmel because everyone is there to help. What grades you need to get in. The Application you need to fill out! Our Address:
Carmel College
Prescot Road
St Helens
WA10 3AG

Tel: 01744 452200
Fax : 01744 452300
Email: info@carmel.ac.uk West Park Building •.6 large specialist art studios.

•.Sewing room, dye print room, dark room and kiln room.

•.Student resources and tutorial area.

•.A vast ground floor, glass fronted.

.Gallery running the full length of the building. Awarded Courses;
Minimum of 2 grade B’s and 3 Grade C’s from separate GCSEs. 16-19 Admissions:
Tel: 01744 452214 or 452212
Email: admissions@carmel.ac.uk Former Student News / Updates:
E:mail: alumni@carmel.ac.uk Foundation Art Diploma:
Steve Bonati, Head of Faculty
Email: sbo@carmel.ac.uk University of Liverpool Degree Course Inquiries
Tel: 01744 452224
Fax: 01744 452310
Email: degree@carmel.ac.uk For the Application, follow this link...

https://connect.carmel.ac.uk/apps/start.php OUTSTANDING RESULTS! EXCELLENT SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS! HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHERS! A LARGE RANGE OF COURSES! HIGH CLASS FACILITIES! CARING, CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY! EXCITING STUDENT LIFE! •Rated in the top 10% of colleges nationally! •Each year the majority of students progress to university. All Schools;
4 Grade B’s and 1 Grade C in separate GCSE’s. Level 2 or above;
2 grade D’s or above. The College should be more than happy to negotiate something with you if you are struggling because you don't have certain requirements. Just inform the college and a meeting will be arranged for this to be discussed. Contact Us! •Outstanding facilities for;




.Philosophy and Religion

.History Art Our College has a lot of support from tutors all over the college. It is known for the concerned and strong tutors we have her at Carmel.

Every term, students are asked to arrange a meeting with the careers adviser in order for them to understand their life after Carmel.

Students come away with full understanding of what they want to do and where they are going to go once they have left Carmel College. Carmel College is a catholic college that will allow any religion and faith to be part of it. It is also a college for both Male and Female, and of any sexuality or disability.

The college is very friendly for disabilities because we are one of the top colleges to have a corridor focusing on just Key Skills students who find it difficult to learn and also get about.

The college has ramps, disabled toilets and larger corridors and doorways for wheelchair access. Personal qualities are highly valued and are also taken into consideration to make each student equally unique. •Dalton Theatre, seats an audience of 200.

•Dance Studio & performance areas.

•Teaching and learning rooms.

•Changing and showering facilities. Welcome! A Carmel Video Thank you for Listening..
Come to Carmel College! •Student Services Centre.


.Astro Turf.

.Over 1000 Computers on site. .Geography




.Modern Languages and Foundation Learning.
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