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Lauren Bowman

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of ICN, CASN & ARNET

Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing
A bilingual program that represents the national voice for education, research and scholarships in the nursing field (CASN, 2013).
They represent the baccalaureate and graduate programs of nursing within Canada (CASN, 2013).
Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust
Is the only charity in Alberta that exclusively promotes excellence in nursing by assisting both Alberta’s RN’s and Nurse Practitioners to further pursue their education (Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust [ARNET], 2013).
International Council of Nurses
To bring nurses together worldwide
To advance nurses and nursing practice worldwide
To influence health policy
5 core values
Visionary Leadership
A federation of 130 national nursing associations that represents 16 million nurses worldwide.

They are predominantly active in:
Professional Nursing Practice (international classifications, connecting nurses, advanced nursing practice, primary health care, etc.)
Nursing Regulation (regulation and credentialling, code of ethics, standards and competencies, continuing education)
Socioeconomic Welfare for Nurses (OH&S, human ressoucres, career development, etc.
"To lead nursing education and nursing scholarship in the interest of healthier Canadians" (CASN, 2013)
CASN... (CASN, 2013)
• Represents Canadian nursing education and scholarship
• Determines and promotes the national standards of excellence for nursing education
• Pushes for advances in nursing knowledge
• Facilitates integration of things such as theory, research, and practice
• Plays a part in the determination of public policy
• Provides a national forum for concerns and issues within nursing education and research

"Investing in the heart of healthcare" (ARNET, 2013).
Critical Thinking Questions
1. Of the listed organizations, which do you think is the most important to our nursing practice as
Nursing students in Alberta? Why?
2. What difficulties could you foresee if you were trying to contact one of these organizations?
What if you had to work with several of these organizations in order to change a policy?
Do you think that these organizations are easy to access?

Core Values and Beliefs
• The heart of healthy communities are RNs.
• A key strategy in the recruitment and retention of new RNs is continuing nursing education.
• In order to achieve and maintain excellence in nursing and to practice to the fullest scope, lifelong learning is necessary.
• In order to address the diverse, changing healthcare needs of the people of Alberta, nurses must continue their education.
• Shared among nurses, educational institutions, employers, governments and professional organizations is the responsibility for lifelong learning.
• The work of ARNET is achieved and enhanced by partnerships and collaborations.
• Contributions made by donors, volunteers, and stakeholders are honoured, valued and recognized.

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