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Marketing Final

Full Marketing Plan for Target and Neiman Marcus Project

Melissa Becker

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Final

Overview Of Target Description of Product SWOTT Attributes of Product Positioning & Differentiation Organizational Buyers & Consumers Factors On Purchasing Decisions & Affects Marketing Strategy Target Market Segmentation Criteria Identify Target Market Current Competitors & Landscape Distribution Channels Pace of Product Life Cycle & Its Affect on Marketing List of Assumptions Importance
of Marketing Effectiveness of
Marketing Plan Quantifiable Elements Marketing Research
Approach Public Relations
Opportunities Channel Management
Decisions Price Strategy Place & Promotion Strategy Sales Promotion Schedule Advertising Plan Financial Budget Jeff Andersen
Daniel Babcock
Melissa Becker
Salvador Palomera
Pedro Tafolla Questions References: “Expect more, pay less”
Previous Successfull Partnerships
Successfull During Recession Neiman Marcus Designers at Target
Designer Products at Affordable Prices
Diversify Product Line at Target Stregnth: Unique
Weakness: Short Time Line
Opportunity: Expand Line
Threat: Competition
Trend: Unique Luxury
Brands High Quality Creativity Premium
Pricing Separates from Other Big Box Stores
Separates from Other Designer Stores
Unique & Desirable Products Target Buying from Neiman Marcus
Opportunity for Middle & Lower Class Personal
Cultural Segment Structural Attractiveness
Segment Size and Growth
Company Objectives and Resources Slightly Above & Below Middle-Class
Prior Neiman Marcus Customers
"Revenge" Viewers Ages 19-49 Discount Variety Store Industry

Subcategory: Amazon, Macy's Kohls
Walmart VS Target Overall Cost
Lobby Features Starbucks VS McD's Placement Shipping Middlemen Associated Costs Introduction
Decline Jump Through Intro
Large Ad Campaign
Missed Customers
Discounts in Price Stir-up interest
Facebook Page Postings
Facebook Banners / PPC
Google Ad Banners
TV Commercials
ABC "Revenge" Merchandise
ABC "Revenge" Commercials Past Partnerships
Community Outreach Evaluate
Control Gather & Analyze Promotional Effectiveness Think Like the
Being the Customer
Multiple Mediums Fashion Designers
"Revenge" Show Commercial Series
Merged Logo/Icon Surveys
Online Data Mining
Maximize Quantity
& Availability Front of Departments
Featured on Target.com
Different Distribution Channels Frequently Advertising Before & During
January = Discounts
Spring Potential High Impact
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