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The Art of the Cover Letter

No description

Justin Chin

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of The Art of the Cover Letter

The Art of the Cover Letter
The Art of the Cover Letter
The cover letter is not just a letter of introduction; its your initial interview with the employer
Doing the Research
A good cover letter demonstrates the candidate researched the company and job description by
Addressing the Hiring Manager or Department Lead
Connects the job description to their skills
How It Works
Employers view a cover letter as part of their screening process--impress them with your ability to communicate, critically think and close eye for detail
Addressed which position and where the position was posted?
Gave a targeted example of the skills the position requires?
Asked for an interview?
A great cover letter needs to accomplish three things
Address which position you are applying for
Demonstrate to the employer you have the right skills
Ask for an interview
The Introduction
Address which position you are applying for and where you found the posting

The Body
Connect the essential skills and duties of the position with an example of a targeted and relevant professional experience
Sample Cover Letter
Mr. Chin:
I am writing in response to the Career Center Outreach Specialist work-study position posted on the EOU Careers Network database. I am a bilingual student who values authentic communication, enjoys engaging under-served populations and has experience developing and managing projects.

A project in which I was able to utilize my bi-cultural upbringing to engage under-served populations was when I served as the Public Relations Officer for the Latino Impact club at Eastern Oregon University. As the public relations officer, I developed and led a social media and print campaign. Our campaign targeted the I-5 and I-84 corridors and resulted in the Admissions Department and Multicultural Center developing EOU’s Discover Your Future program. My work allowed me to develop essential skills for the Career Center position:

Social media and print media marketing experience
Enhancement of bilingual and bi-cultural experience in English and Spanish
Experience working with underrepresented student populations

The Ask
The Career Center Outreach Specialist work-study position would allow me an opportunity to grow my professional skills set in a team-oriented environment where students come first. I look forward to an opportunity to discuss how my skills and experience can help the Career Center meet its goals.

Thank You,

Marisol R. Campos

The final element of a great cover letter is requesting an interview
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