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Eleanor and Park

No description

daniela cancino

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Eleanor and Park

Daniela Cancino
Seeberg 3AB
Language Arts
06 may 2014
Book: Eleanor and Park
by: Rainbow Rowell
genre: Realistic Fiction
character chosen: Eleanor Douglass
Eleanor and Park By: Rainbow Rowell
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Where Eleanor would want to go
My Suitcase ; conflicts
Novel Setting
Where: Bus
"They got off the bus together and stayed together" (52). This quote shows how the bus is very important. The only reason why Eleanor started talking to Park was because he let her sit by him on Eleanor's first day.

When: August 1986
"He slid the new tape in, pressed play, then - carefully - put the headphones over her hair"(52). This quote shows that it was in the 80's because that's when cassettes or tapes where used a lot. That's how people would listen to music. the cds' came out in like the 90's and people still used tapes.
My Suitcase
Park and Eleanor enjoy comic books." Park tried to talk about watchmen; they'd just read the fourth chapter"(62). This quote proves that Park and Eleanor like comic books. It shows that they are reading a book together. Later on in the book, reading comic books become ' their thing '.
Park and Eleanor both like to listen to music. "... i love the rest of it just as much, like the high part, the melody,'...Park made drum noises with his mouth...' I just want to break that song into pieces,' she said,' and love them to death"(59-60). The quote proves that this is a similarity.They like the same bands and they also like to imitate the songs and really look deeply into them like for example, with the music notes and the beats.
"He pushed back. 'Because. It's your life. Because I'm interested. It's like you've got all these weird barriers set up, like you only want me to have access to this tiny part of you..."(201). This is a comparison because both Eleanor and Park want to know about each others life. But none of them are open about that. They keep everything hidden.
A difference between Eleanor and Park is that they are in different economic classes. "But if she told Mrs.Dunne about the toothbrush... maybe Mrs.dunne would get her one,and then Eleanor could stop sneaking into the bathroom after lunch to rub her teeth with salt"(54).The quote proves how poor Eleanor's family is. A toothbrush is normally like two to six dollars. If they (her family) can't buy something so useful and necessary, they must be very poor.
Memory Box
"She was late to lunch...and if she didn't know already that she liked that stupid, effing asian kid,she new it now... all Eleanor could think about was seeing Park"(55-56).This quote proves that she is starting to have feelings for Park. She would want to take Park with her on her trip because when she is not with park, all Eleanor can think about is the next time that they will be together.
Brothers and Sisters
" all four of them were sitting together in a clump of blankets on the floor. Maisie was holding the baby, rocking him almost frantically. Eleanor slid off the bed soundlessly and huddled with them"(49). This proves that Eleanor is close to her family. SO, it would make sense if she took her brothers and her sisters with her to wherever she would travel.
"I know how to drive,' Park shouted from the kitchen. 'Learning how to drive an automatic is like learning how to do a girl pushup,' his dad said"(146). This quote shows that the book is realistic fiction because people learn how to drive everyday. The book is also fiction because there is no evidence that "Park" exists.
“There was something exciting about the music on that tape. It felt different… there was something exciting about it, and something nervous. It made Eleanor feel like everything, like the world, what she thought it was. And that was a good thing, that was the greatest thing"(57-58). This proves that Eleanor was wanting to be with Park and she was thinking about him. It shows that she feels very different, but it's a good different. She feels happy when she is around him.
A place alone with Park
"Eleanor didn't notice at first how horrible everyone was being in gym...and once Tina said, ' you serve, b****.' but that was it..." (54). This quote shows how Tina treats Eleanor. Although, that day Eleanor didn't really pay much attention to the name calling, it still hurt her.
external conflict: Tina and Eleanor ( man vs man)
external conflict: Richie and Eleanor (man vs man)
"I hate you,' Eleanor said louder.' I hate you. I hate you, I hate you" (153). the quote shows how Eleanor feels towards Richie. She tells him this because he broke he broke her typewriter. Then, he kicks her out. which leaves her homeless.
Internal conflict:
Eleanor (Park)
(man vs. self)
Eleanor would like to go to Park's house again.
"that stupid asian kid totally knew that she was reading his comics... he definitely wasn't one of them, the bus demons"(38). This quote shows how Eleanor hates Park. She calls him stupid but she also thinks he is different. Eleanor says that Park is nothing like the bus demons which shows he's nice. she is indecisive about what to think about him.
Eleanor would want to go to her dad's house.
My suitcase; conflicts (cont.)
external conflict:
Eleanor and Park
(man vs. man)
"But what if Eleanor comes over? I don't want to miss the chance to talk to her"(252). this quote shows that Park doesn't want to leave because he is waiting for Eleanor since they haven't seen each other for about two weeks. Eleanor has not visited him because she is afraid that he is still mad at her.
internal conflict:
Eleanor and Mom
(man vs. man)

"...Eleanor was struck, for the ten-thousandth time, by how beautiful she was... Eleanor looked a lot like her. But not enough. Eleanor looked like her mother through a fish tank"(18). The quote shows how Eleanor sees her mom and how different she feels from her. Eleanor sees her mom as someone very pretty, And Eleanor views herself as someone who is either too short or height and too wide.
"His chin hung forward, like his mouth didn't want to pull away from her, and his eyes were so green they could turn carbon dioxide into oxygen"(254).
The quote shows how Eleanor sees Park. She realized how beautiful he was that one day that they were alone on Parks couch, staring at each other. He was so perfect to her and she thought she wasn't good enough for him, until that one day at his house.
"pop that cherry,Red' Eleanor ignored the girl's voice... 'hey' Tina hissed. She looked as disgusted with Eleanor as ever"(285). This shows how Eleanor is disliked. Tina, Park's ex- girlfriend doesn't like Eleanor because she is jealous of her. Since Tina is the popular girl she got many girls to not like Eleanor either. On the other hand, Park is liked. He used to hang out with all of the "popular" groups before Eleanor came into the picture.
"She had on a plaid shirt, a man's shirt,with half of a dozen weird necklaces hanging around her neck and scarves wrapped around her wrists"(8). This quote proves how Eleanor dresses. She would always wear something really flamboyant to school. She didn't do it on purpose. She had no choice, she didn't have many clothes. While, Park would dress with vans and some jeans and he would always have a band shirt on.
"At the bottom of the black trash bag was a box. her heart jumped a little when she saw it... it was stupid but they were good boxes..."(20). This shows that Eleanor loved her Memory box. She would pack this on her trip because it means a lot to her.
"He crawled back onto the bed, not caring whether she heard it swish.'you can ask me why i need you,' he whispered. He had to move his lips to breathe.'But i don't know. I just know that I do..."(112). The quote shows how Park was talking to Eleanor on the phone having an intimate conversation. She would want to go to her dad's house again because she would get tot talk to park.
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