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kara peterson

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Rainforest

Rainforest Threats Plants Animals Interesting facts lianas (vines) wrap around the trees trees are so close together so it blocks all sunlight kapok trees can grow to 200 ft. tall 100s of different tree species in the rain forest most trees are every green because the climate is similar all year round the rain forest is a home to the largest and most unusual butterflies in the world most flowers are in the tops of the trees 1/4 of medicine comes from the rain forests plants in madagacar the is a flower that can treat certain types of cancer the rain forests has some of the biggest flowers in the world buttresses keep trees from falling down Bibliography Raffesia plant is a 3ft. flower that weighs 20 pounds cacao seeds are used to make chocolate tress in the rainforest are usualy 200ft. tall some trees have sap that is pure diesel oil pitcher plants have a smalls that attracts insects then drown the insect for food ,also it can hold half a gallon the rainforest is a home to 3/4 of our plant and animals
brightly colored parrot lives in the tall rainforest canopy
millions of species in the rainforest,most of them have like never touched the ground
lots of animals live there like orangutans,tigers,and parrots
toucans use their large beaks to pluck fruit from trees
most spieces in the rainforest are endemic (found only here)
over 8,000 spieces of insects 120 reptiles 370 birds
there are so many animals scientist haven't even discovered
a bird eating tarantrulas dont eat birds offten mostly frogs,snakes,mice,and lizards
red eyed tree frogs eat flies insects and other frogs, also they lay their eggs in plants that hang over rivers so when born they fall into their river

the average day starts out as clear and sunny to a cloud cover that turns into thunderstorms then go back to sunny
temperature is usualy between 75-80 degrees fahrenheit all year round
it gets lots of rain and always has a high humidity with warm temp.
the climate is same all year round
when it rains so much it floods this is called the varzea
nine feet of rain per year thats three times more than Seattle
the rainforest is called the lunga of the world because they absorb c02and give of oxygen
the biggest rainforest is the amazon located in South America
no hibbornation seasons
there are four layers of the rain forest they are the floor, understory, canopy,and emergents
rainforest covers only 6% of the earth
South America has over half of the rain forests
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