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No description

Carlos Recordon

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of WW2

September 2nd, 1939.
France and England declare war to Germany. 1940. France was dominated by Germany.
Germany bombed England.
Churchill pronounces his famous speech.
Italy declared war to France and England.
Tripartite pact.
Invasion of the Mediterranean, Balkans and North Africa. 1941.
Germany invade USSR (Operation Barbarossa)
The Atlantic Charter
Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
Germany and Italy declared war to USA. 1942.
USA and England defeated Italians and Germans in the North of Africa. General Montgomery and Eisenhower.
Russians stopped German invasion to the USSR.
Battle of Midway, general MacArthur forced Japanese to leave. 1943
Casablanca Conference
Fall of Mussolini
Tehran Conference 1944
June 6. Day D
August 10. USA took over islands of Saipan, Tiniam and Guan. 1945
February. Yalta Conference
May 7th. German surrenders.
July. Postdam Conference
August 6 and 9: Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
September 2nd. Japan´s surrender.
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