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No description

Lola B

on 20 November 2016

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Transcript of Marketing


1. Introduction
4. Analysis
4. AnalYSIS
1. Image: http://www.sochealth.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/cash-cow.jpg, Download from 30.04.2015

http://mq.edu.au/pubstatic/custom/files/media/1354771508567/engage_with_students.jpg, download from 13.06.2015

http://www.berlin-info.de/images/content/stadtrundfahrten-fahrrad-81__741l.jpg, Download from 2.05.2015

http://canaansitefurnishings.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/18-bike-commercial-bike-racks-CAH-711-2.jpg, download from 13.06.2015

http://bilder.bild.de/fotos-skaliert/fotolia_6723150_xs-jpg_10415301_mbqf-1321866199-21131864/1,w%3D650,c%3D0.bild.jpg, download from 20.05.2015

Table of contents
"SaVfe NOW"

1. Basic ideas of "Savfe now"(Lola)
2. Market research (Igor)
3. Segmentation, targeting and positing (Monika)
4. Analysis (Lola)
5. Goals & Strategies (Igor)
6. Marketing Mix (Monika)

4.2 Main Competitors
4.3 Benchmarking
4.5 Plan of action
Marketing concept

4.4 BCG Analysis
"Call a bike": die deutsche Bahn
4. AnalYSIS
accumulate costumers through
reliable expending service
promotion strategies
costumers loyalty
through excellent quality of services
of success regularly (surveys, analysis)
we want to be located in consumers minds: that everybody knows our brand
only best personnel - best service
by Igor Condric, Monika Sackute and Lola Attenberger
3. Segmentation, targeting and positioning

3. Segmentation, targeting and positioning

3. Segmentation, targeting and positioning
3. Segmentation, targeting and positioning
3.1. Segmentation
3.2. Targeting
3.3. Positioning
Target group
: students, party hopper and elder people
Berlin - the capital of Germany, there live about 3.3 mil. people, still growing population, lot of universities (students using their bikes to get to uni), big club scene, but much crime as well (bike thieves)
students (low to middle income), trends to aging population, healthier lifestyle and to people using more bikes instead of other transport systems
personality characteristics: active, eco-friendly, fear about bike security, point of view of Sinus milieus (interplay of personal and social values): we would set our targeted groups more into modern mainstream, as well as some consumer materialists and some intellectuals
economical, practical, healthy
6. marketing-mix
6. Marketing-Mix
6.1. Product
6.2. Price
6.3. Promotion
6.4. Placement
6. Marketing-Mix
6. Marketing-Mix
6. Marketing-Mix
Our product

is a service
We offer to our customers the service of locking their beloved bikes without even carrying a lock. And what is the best?: It is totally save!
Nobody will be able to steal your bike anymore! Therefore we use a magnetic self-locking-magnetic system.
How good is that? You will be able to jump on your bike as you go and about everywhere in Berlin you will find our multifunctional locking systems.
You even be able to check online on our app where exactly is the closest bicycle rack to you.
And if you don't use this service you can always call us (24h service). Just look as you go. Now you know our brand: Savfe now.

You can either register online or you just use it as you go.
Membership fees:
2 euro a month if customers sign a one-year contract (no-frills concept - for our two of our three target groups (students and some elder people) +
Entry fee:
10 euro
(Promotion action:
no entry fee for students if they register in the first few months)

Social media networks (Facebook, Twitter)
Guerilla-Marketing (Stickers on the bicycle stands,on the streets, on the metro)
Event-marketing in universities/ big events/ supermarkets: e.g. entry fee is free if you'd register in the first month
Direct sale of our service
in front of universities (student-oriented), supermarkets (elder people oriented) and nightclubs (party people) and other bicycle hot-spots

+ small Service Center
(a small office with 5 employees)
2.1. Secondary Research

use of bike:
2.1. Secondary Research
theft of bikes:
statista 2009
Reference: http://www.adfc.de/monitor/fahrradland-deutschland---der-fahrrad-monitor-2013
2.2. Primary Research
Do you have a bike?
How often do you use your bike?
Do you cycle to uni?
How do you lock your bike at uni?
Do you feel safe about locking your bike at uni?
Where do you cycle and lock your bike?
Did it happen that you forgot your key for the lock?
Have you experienced a bike-theft yet?
Would you use our service "safe now"?
Would you think "safe now" offers a satisfying service or what would you improve?
Would you recommend our service?
Is the availability of our service sufficient?
5. Our Goals & Strategies
Market entry: within 2016!
We overcome competition at the task of creating
perceived value
and therefore a
competitive advantage
Berlin as prime example to expand the idea to other major cities in Germany
functioning as a role model and decrease bike thefts and therefore crime-rate in cities
increase awareness about the profitability of using bikes ( in a population where health, environment and security is a constant topic in the news)
5. Our Goals & Strategies
Competition Oriented Strategies:
combine services to offer an unique service and be ahead
surpass competition by crating a greater value for customers - creation of an competitive advantag via brand equity, differentiation and low prices
the use of our combined service make the use of competitors less attractive
high availability of our service
Customer Oriented Strategies:
customizing service
repair & care service 24/7
high availability of our service
free entry fee
"SavFe now"
Our Good
non materialistic
We propose a Service:
Our brand name
"SavFe now"
Product Idea
Here could be a short description about our idea of business as a info
how old are you?
which semester?
Segment's attractiveness
4. Analysis
4.0 Methodology in Planning
: We as top-managers did the basic framework, but the middle-management should use it as an orientation. Therefore we're still able to be close to the market
Strategic planning:
in the long run: Creation of SBU's to enlarge the market share
Operational Planning:
Within 3 years we would like to implement our product,
we will analyze it constantly to improve our service

At the metro station: "Warum fährst du U-Bahn und nicht Fahrrad? Angst vorm Diebstahl?"
"Are you scared about you bicycle you've left outside?"
4.1 SWOT-Analysis
own company
main competitor
market share
our company
starting from a student oriented point -
we want achieve a big membership network:
Reference: http://www.stadtentwicklung.berlin.de/verkehr/politik_planung/zahlen_fakten/download/Mobilitaet_dt_Kap-1-2.pdf
Reference: http://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/165154/umfrage/fahrraddiebstaehle-in-deutschland-2009/
This statistic shows there are almost as many bikes as inhabitants in Berlin (qualitative exploratory research)
growing number of people using a bike since 1992 in Berlin regarding the choice of means of transport (quantitative, descriptive, longitudinal design)
This statistic shows that 72% of households having at least one bike. The average numbers of bikes is with 2.4 per households even higher than cars (cross-sectional)
In the winter semester 2014/15 171,274 students are enrolled in the universities of Berlin as a principal or secondary handset , according to preliminary information. These are 5351 or 3.2 percent more than in the winter semester of the previous year , announced the Statistical Office Berlin - Brandenburg .
Reference: https://www.statistik-berlin-brandenburg.de/pms/2014/14-11-27a.pdf
Most thefts in Berlin, so there would be geographically the need for our service (quantitative study, descriptive research, cross-sectional)
4 out of 10
1. in total
In terms of population in Germany the trend is clear. It is shrinking but what about our capital?
Insider say that in the last year 40000 people came to life in Berlin. More people more bikes! But as well more poverty... More crimes are going to be predicted and are happening. Especially as the general population is getting older. Elder people are more afraid of security and they always wish to have more safety. Already in 2009 Berlin was the considered as one of the most affected cities concerning bike thieves.
But we have the solution:
We offer a multifunctional, flexible and extremely safe bicycle locking system! Our service provides for all bicycle riders who would like to ride their bike through Berlin without being afraid of somebody stealing their beloved bike.
You don't have to worry anymore about taking your lock or keys with you! We are providing the safest locking system. The new app will help you to find your closest stand.
If you don't like the app? Just call our friendly costumer service under: 333777.

6. Marketing-Mix
6.5. People
Internal branding:
young employees who we want to motivate by giving them incentives providing sometimes delight services
youngster will be innovative and creative as well as very customer friendly
Creativity & motivation
Strategy of segment (differentiated)marketing
We combine 4 different market segmentation variables to identify our targeted groups
3 criteria of market targeting:
1. current size and growth: our company's segment should be large enough to represent the company: with our three target groups it is representative
2. potential competition: not much, cause of strong USP
3. compatibility: adaption will be required in
terms of having to ask for permission to set
bicycle racks within the city
4 fields of marketing positioning
identifying competitive advantages and turning them into defined differentiation
Product differentiation
: our style and performance is unique in terms of our technology and logo -
-> our claim is:
"supersave, salutary and spontaneous"
Services differentiation
: 24 h service for our customer to tell them where their next bike racks are or whatever questions they have
Image differentiation:
we create promotion events to improve our image
Personnel differentiation:
hiring, training better people than competitors do
all that gives us a USP (unique selling position) as we have competitive advantages toward our competitors
concerning our differentiated target groups we'll have different prices and membership opportunities
An other opportunity is to rent the bike rack only for one or two days --> you don't even have to register but each day (24 hours) you pay 2 Euro for locking your bike "supersafe" (more for clubbing and bikers or for elder people who don't want/ can't use the internet)
research for segmentation purposes
best personnel who can convince G + connection to main politics
function as a "blue ocean" ( first compantitive advantage) and we'll create perceived value
the government will not allow to place the bicycle racks
Market field strategy: diversififaction
market segmentation strategy; differentiated
Marketing area strategy: Waterful
Marketing stimulation strategy: premium: economy and premium -> outpacing strategy
our brand name
to place our service in consumers mind, we create an image and identity
push strategy: we will have manufacturer working for us and we sell directly to our consumers
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