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Religion Conflict in Things Fall Apart

By Sophie Lamont 10c

Sophie Lamont

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Religion Conflict in Things Fall Apart

Authors Intentions "All the Gods you have named are not Gods at all. They are Gods of deceit who tell you to kill your fellows and destroy innocent children. There is only one God and he has the earth, the sky, you and me and all of us." The Quote What Did I Decide To Do My Presentation On? My presentation is on the conflict between the two different religions in the book Things Fall Apart. The two religions are the Christians who are white and the other being a local African tribe called the Ibo tribe who follow traditional religions. Why Religion? My presentation is on religion because of one quotes in the book. When I read the quote I said "That is so true." The Christians The Christians think that they are doing good for the Ibo tribe by bring in a new religion.
The Christians think that their religion is more developed and is better than the Ibo tribe's traditional religion because the Christians only have one God and that God does not tell people to kill other people. The Ibo Tribe most of the tribe memebers end up converting into Christians.
those from the Ibo tribe that were unwilling to adapt and give up their power ended up in endless consequences
Okonkwo (the main charter in the book) was one of the Ibo tribe members that could not adapt to his friends and family converting into Christians because he was unwilling to adapt which in his case resulted in his terible death.
Things Fall Apart "Twins were put in earthenware pots and throwen away in the forest."
Why??? because the Gods told them to.
Children who had been decleared an Ojbanje were to be killed by their farthers to "prevent them from entering the womb to be born again."
Why??? again the Gods told them to. Quotes That Support My Main Quote
This quote was said by one of the White Christian men that came to the village of an African tribe called the Ibo tribe. After having read this book, what the Christian man said is true the Ibo tribe does everything the Gods tell them which makes the Ibo tribe not very independent as they rely only on what the Gods tell them to do. Why this Quote Stands Out? The authors intentions with having two religions in this book, one religion having been a traditional tribal religion and the other being a western Christian religion coming into the traditional tribes way of living. The author uses two groups of people with two different perspectives on what is right and what is wrong. Chinua Achebe wrote this book and made it seem as though the Christians had more power over the Ibo tribe. This caused conflict between the two groups because one day out of the blue a group of white men showed up and were trying to get the people of the Ibo tribe to convert into Christians. The Christians used religion to bring in a whole new world for the Ibo tribe. “The white man had not only brought a religion but also a government.”

The Christians started getting the people of the Ibo tribe to start questioning their own religion. How did they do this? Well the Christians did what the Ibo tribe would never do because the gods would not allow it and they might die. Example one; “They also said that I would die if I built a church on this ground. Am I dead?”
Example two; “They said I would die if I took care of twins. I am still alive. ”
All of this showed the Ibo tribe that maybe the Gods weren’t real, leading most of the tribe to convert into Christians.

Not everyone could handle the amount of change that was going on. Some tribe members could not let go of everything that they once believed in. Would you be able to let go of everything you believe in for a new religion? Okonkwo was one of those people who could not let go of his old life and he also could not handle the fact that all his friends and family were changing. The conflict between the two religions was to much for Okonkwo so he ended up ending his own life.
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