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King Kylie

No description

Areeta Shah

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of King Kylie

There’s something truly spectacular about Kylie Jenner’s social media presence.
She has single handily dominated both the Instagram and Snapchat game.
These apps source the latest and greatest celebrity news, drama, and trends.
This Jenner sister constantly publicizes both herself and her products in the media, which ultimately enhances the ubiquity of her brand.
After going through the responses, the majority responded saying that they feel indifferent. This makes me believe that no one is strongly bothered by her presence. Those that responded saying they felt “angered/mad” about her fame also don’t follow her on social media accounts so they’re just uninterested.
The second most popular response was jealousy. I found that to be very interesting because those who were jealous, often did respond saying that they did try to look or dress like her.
Overall, those who like Kylie Jenner tend to follow her on social media, try to look/dress like her, and are jealous of her lifestyle.
If I could conclude what these results show, I would say that she does a great job marketing herself and has appeal to those that buy into her image on social media. She’s not necessarily hated, but rather fake and those people are uninterested in her image and products.
King Kylie
Kylie Jenner: Reception Study
My Procedure
I wanted to find out why and how Kylie Jenner's marketing is so successful and how she wants to portray the idealized self.

I decided to gather data from a survey of males and females about their opinions on her to figure out a link between her social media, marketing and idealized self.
By: Areeta Shah
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