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Claudia Parrish

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of STARS

STARS offers;
Open Door Advising
A Community of Peers
Academic Skills Workshops
University Cultural Courses
Tutoring Resources
Computers & Printing
Peer Advising
Social & Recreational Events
Support Groups
Free Printing
Free Coffee TUTORING
STARS can refer you to tutors in the physical and biological sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, and engineering. SEMINARS & COURSES
Two unit courses and topical seminars introduce students to university culture, educational opportunities, and effective academic reading, writing, and research strategies. ACADEMIC SKILLS WORKSHOPS & ORIENTATION
STARS offers two days of orientation workshops to
assist new transfer students with their transition
to the university. STARS also co-sponsors
workshops during the year to support the
success of all university students. WRITE
Writing & Research Intensive for
Transfer Excellence (WRITE) is a
peer mentor program that matches
stellar continuing writing students
with those seeking to improve their
STARS sponsors dinners and facilitates
opportunities for faculty-student
connections. COMPUTER ACCESS
Both STARS at the ARCenter and at
Kresge have small computer labs with
Macs, PCs and printers. Reflections "Honestly, STARS is one of the many places I've found on campus where the people are truly warm and inviting".

Lionel, Santa Rosa Junior College "The staff is even better than the resources. Amy, Claudia, and Sally continuously make themselves available to counsel and advise students, whether it be academic or personal."

Tonya Jones, Santa Monica College "I love STARS! They provided me with an immediate community after my transfer. Without them I'm not sure where I would be."

Cara, Diablo Valley College "As a re-entry student, STARS has been incredibly supportive of my efforts to return to university and, once there, to not only succeed in my studies but to be happily integrated into the student community."

James Grove "I would have never made it at this university without the help and support that I have received from the STARS staff. They have allowed me to excel beyond my wildest dreams. This was the best experience for me as an undergrad. I am very hurt that I can't take the stars program with me. I love you STARS!"

Quiana Easter, Los Medanos College STARS
Services for Transfer and Re-entry Students
serving transfer, undergraduate and graduate re-entry and military veteran students, as well as student parents.

STARS has open door advising for both prospective and current UCSC STUDENTS. "Because my first experience at STARS at Kresge was
so helpful I find myself in STARS almost everyday. STARS
at Kresge has been, and continues to be, a hub of my life at
UCSC. I am extremely grateful for the services provided by

Kira Krayk By: Quiana Easter
Senior, Oakes College, 2011
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