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Wiring (colour coding)

No description

alex. tyler

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Wiring (colour coding)

Colour coding
and electrical circuits

By Alex Tyler Colour Coding Red and brown wires represent that
the wire is always hot and active. Black and blue means the wire
is neutral (not active). Yellow and green wires are called earth
wires they go in the earth and protect your
house from getting electrocuted if there
is a thunder storm. A ground wire is grounded to the earth and acts as the backup wire in the event the neutral wire fails. The Data Cable is connected into your computer and looks just like a normal blue wire hanging out of your computer and makes your internet work. Electrical circuits The Data cable An electrical circuit is when 2 wires are powered from a power source such as a battery and is then connected to a incandescent light bulb, a mini motor etc. Once connected it will give power and turn on.
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