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Self Learning

No description

nana hila

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Self Learning

Video Editing .
Desktop Publishing.
Tutorial & informative CDs.
Websites .
3D Design.
Special Projects (kinetic typography, Apps, Multimedia).
For details refer to SL plan.
Self Learning
1. what is SL ?
2. New Ideas.
3. Types of projects and programs
*Students Resources
4. Projects' Requirements.
5. Project's Form.
6. What is the teacher's responsibilities?
*Important Tips.
*SL hours.
7. SL timeline
8. SL Grading System.
9. Final Event.
What is SL
Part of Computer Course.
It is a project which is done entirely by the students with little help of the teacher, using programs outside the curriculum.
Marks :10 Marks estimated by teacher.
Projects types and programs
New Ideas
Technology topics
Manuals for new devices (smartphones, tablets, Operating Systems...)
Video Series (multiple episodes) Daily News or to teach a course (photography, language, software...).
innovations 3D design (ex. tools to help in certain situations)
Teacher responsibilities
1. Fully Explain the concept and ideas of SL + show few examples of last semester
2. Help students to select their project and topic
3. Submit the project forms on time
4. Give the programs folders to students on time
5. Guide and help students on their projects
6. collect and choose best 5 projects and submit them before deadline
Final Event
Grading System 10/10
The Mark is divided as follow
SL Timeline
choose rejected projects
send students to the coordinators or to SL coordinator.
allow students to change their project or program
give any mark to students who submit illegitimate project.
Rejected Projects:
1. politics
2. religion
3. consumed ideas
4. more than 5 students per project.
5. movie maker or Office.
SL Hours
Self Learning hours are 8 hours distributed through 6 weeks.
The teacher use these hours to guide and follow up with the students about their project. it is also beneficial to differentiate who works and who doesn't.
It is helpful too to recognize the illegitimate project.
Projects Requirements:
Few terms that the students need to apply to qualify their project.
If the project meet all the requirements, it will earn 6 marks. The remaining marks are based on students individual efforts.
It is when the top projects students gets to show their work and effort in a new fun way.
In the final ceremony, the Teachers and their students will be honored for their hard work.
Coming Soon

Students Learning Resources
1. Tutorials provided by the SL committee.
combination of video and written tutorials collected and created by teachers.
2. Workshops.
lectures conducted by IT department teachers to give the fundamentals about projects' programs only for leaders.
3. Internet (YouTube, e-books, official pages)
4. Finally, Their Teacher.
* The first and basic rule is the number of students for each project.
5 Students only per project
Except for :
Tv Advertisement : 3- 4 students
Newspaper: up to 10 Students.
SL Coordinator: Nour Hilal
Important Tips
Make sure that:
students bring regular laptops not notebooks or any screen less than 13"
students don't include music or inappropriate pics
Advise the students to not wait till last minute to finish their work/ or they will lose marks.
set a limited time for installing the software, any later install will lose marks.
Set a leader for each project, and she will be the mediate between teacher and the group
* refer for SL Guide line for leader responsibilities.
Example : TV Ad Requirements
Project's Form
a file to register the students groups and projects which must be submitted to your respective coordinator
Thanks for Listening
Wish you all the best
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