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Social Studies: Comparing Art

Medieval and Renaissance Art

Rose Hong

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Social Studies: Comparing Art

Medieval Art
VS. Renaissance Art Characteristics of
Renaissance Art - Artists showed both religious and non-religious scenes
- Bodies looked active and show moving
- Three-dimensional figures
- Emotions
* People laughing, talking, etc. - Art reflected great interest in nature
- Paintings were balanced and symmetrical
- Full backgrounds show perspective Britney Tran, Andrew Kim, Rose Hong,
Richard Li, Arthur Le Reverend

Period 2 / Social Studies Characteristics of
Medieval Art

- Religious subject matter
* Shows Mary and baby Jesus
- Faces were serious and showed little emotion
- Backgrounds were one color
* Solid golden color in the background - Flat and two-dimensional
- Backgrounds were one color
- Fully clothed
- Figures not in proportion
* Jesus doesn't look like an infant - Figures look stiff with little sense of movement
- Faces emotionless
- Important figures are shown as larger than others around them
* Mary and Jesus are larger than the angels around them
- All figures (including Jesus) fully clothed - Self-portraits
- Figures were life-like and three-dimensional, reflecting an increasing knowledge of anatomy
- Faces expressed what people were thinking;
had emotions
- Colors were shown responding to light (shadows, shading, etc.) New Directions of Art - Statues and paintings included both clothed and unclothed people
- Three-dimensional figures
- Lifelike figures with emotions - Art showed a change in focus from religious devotion to worldly concerns
- Greek and Roman mythology became popular themes
* This painting shows Botticelli's The Birth of Venus from Greek mythology Content A New Realism - Renaissance art was more realistic and focused on secular subjects
- artists tried to show human emotions
- became fascinated with nature and portrayed it - Individual portraits, self-portraits, landscapes, and scenes of daily life became popular Changing -New materials were made
- developed oil paints
- made by mixing powdered colors
with linseed or walnut oil
- oil paints produced softer shades and
richer blending of tones
- took inspiration about art and beauty
from Romans and Greeks RH BT AK RL AK RL BT BT RH AK RH ANDREW DID IT!!!!! lol
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