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Making Predictions

2nd grade presentation on how to make a prediction.

Ray Gilmore

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Making Predictions

Problem Problem Conclusion Problem Problem How to Make a Prediction Tom and Tracy see their uncle and the other crewmen in their own diving suits. Everyone is safe! As the kids swim towards them, the crew are attacked by a school of jellyfish. After Tom and Tracy help their uncle, they swim to an undersea temple that sits near the wreckage of the sub. They see that it is covered with treasure. The kids, their uncle, and the crewmen explore the temple. An ancient wooden chest sits near the top of the building. Portholes Periscope array The submarine is sinking. Tom and Tracy's uncle shouts orders. The other crewmen are running around the inside, trying to save the ship. Their uncle tells them to put on their safety gear and escape. Even though they are scared, Tom and Tracy put on their underwater suits and open a hatch. Tom and Tracy look out the round windows in the submarine at the fish under the ocean. There is a sudden movement at the bottom of the sea. An eight-armed creature swims directly at the submarine, hitting it. The submarine shakes and there are screams inside the small vessel as the octopus attacks. Predict Predict! Read the Story Confirm! Look for clues What do you PREDICT is in the chest? Conclusion Solutions Problem !

What do you think Tom and Tracy will do? Tom and Tracy are going on a secret vacation to the ocean. They are very excited to be visiting their uncle, who is a submarine commander. Their mom advises them to take along a camera. A. Tom and Tracy are going to DisneyWorld.

B. Tom and Tracy are going on a submarine trip.

C. Tom and Tracy are going to a garden party. Solutions B. Tom and Tracy are going on a submarine trip. How to A. The kids are happy.

B. The kids are singing a song.

C. The kids are scared. C. The kids are scared. Conclusion Solutions A. The kids swim away to safety.

B. The kids go get back in the sub.

C. The kids go play games with their friends. Solutions Conclusion A. The kids swim to safety. A. Tom and Tracy swim away.

B. Tom and Tracy try to save their uncle.

C. A giant lion attacks the kids! B. Tom and Tracy try to save their uncle. Conclusion A. The kids decide to go home -- it's boring here.

B. The kids swim into the submarine.

C. The kids open the mysterious chest. Solutions C. The kids open the mysterious chest. How do we make a PREDICTION that makes sense? How do you think Tom and Tracy are feeling? What do Tom and Tracy do next? What do you think Tom and Tracy are going to do? What do the kids do next? As they open the chest, they see a bright shimmering light. Tom and Tracy look inside and see gold and strands of jewels and pearls. Their gloved hands run through the treasure and they suddenly realize something -- IT ISN'T REAL! They look on the side of the chest and see the words "ACME Toy Company". The children and their uncle laugh as they gather the fake treasure and head to the surface. Once on the surface of the ocean, they flag down a passing boat. Safe at last -- after an awesome adventure! They would have a lot to tell Mr. Gilmore's class when they got home! Command cabin
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