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Methods Of Promotion

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Jevan Bisla

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Methods Of Promotion

Methods Of Promotion
TV Adverts
Newspaper Adverts
Food & Drinks
Social Media

Celebrity Endorsements
Website ad banners
QR Codes

Press Conferences
Public Relations
Sales Promotion
Public Relations builds trust with the target audience that might have an interest in the company's activity's. Public relations use many different ways of communication from mass media to personal channels. Public relations are unique and aren't repeated like advertising which makes the two very different. I think this is a very effect way of promoting because building a relationship with the public can be very helpful for the company they can communicate with each other easier also with the help of social media makes it easier also. Being able to communicate which each other easily makes the target audience trust the company more when they can answer questions openly and publicly.
Link: http://www.gb3group.com/promotional-techniques.php
Sales promotions uses a wide variety of instruments to lead the target audience into buying/purchasing good or a service. The main sale promotion sales techniques are price discounts, offering a larger amount of products at the same price/group sales, Gifts/Loyalty gifts and samples. I think this is a good way to promote it draws in the target market to buy products at reduced prices and group purchases so the target market get more for their money worth and if they like the product they will buy it again.
Link: http://www.gb3group.com/promotional-techniques.php
Press Conference's are mass media promotional techniques that large companies use to communicate and share their newest products with their target audience. Press conferences are may used in the electronic industry because it is the best way to show case new products to their loyal customers and potently draw in new customers making the press conference watchable on the internet which is one of the best way to advertise tech based products.
Link bellow
Using movies and documentaries hasn't been used much for promotion but i found a movie which promotes art work in a different way. The movies is about street art and how it became popular and who were the main artists in the movement. This movies target audience was people who were interested in street art and people who want to become a street artist, the film is very inspiring showing a completely different side to art. The film also help show artist most people haven't heard of promoting their work and showing the audience why they create street art. I think this method was very effective because most people liked street art but didn't know who made the illustrations and why, by making this documentary the target audience was shown the graffiti/street art movement grow and evolve into what it is today.
Celebrity Endorsement is used by many companies to advertise their products. They use this method of promotion because its becomes easier for them to draw in their target market using this celebrity but they have to collaborate well, the celeb has to be appropriate for the brand as well otherwise it will attract the wrong target market and they wont sell their products. The credibility of the celebrity is also very important because they have to represent the company/brand and if they have bad press, this would also include trustworthiness between the company and celebrity, thats why the creditability factor greatly influences the relationship with the target market.
Some brands advertise on different food and beverage packaging they advertise movies, competitions and various other things. They put these advertisements on food or drink packets for the same demographic which benefits both companies if 2 are involved, advertising both on the same product makes the target market curious once they buy the first product they look at the packaging and see a movie advertisement then they start thinking about watching it because its on the packaging of their favorite food so it must be good. This is a very good way to attract the target market and send a message to them because the first thing they look at is the packaging on food or drink.
Social media is one of the most popular ways of advertising brand/ products because nearly everyone uses them they are easy to access people can use their mobile phones to connect with family and friends and companies, they use social media to build customer relations and to get the target market to share their love for their company/brand with friends and family to gain more customers and become more well known. This is a very effective way of advertising because they are connecting with the target market and building this trust between themselves which makes the target market stronger which will allow it to grow because they will tell friends and family about the product or company.
QR codes have been used to advertise different brands and companies a lot the last couple of years because it allows the target market to interact with something in real life using their mobile and a qr code scanner that can be downloaded for free. This gave the target market access to things like photos, web pages, social media, completions and other things making it more accessible for the target market and easier to connect/interact with the brand. The only bad thing about QR codes is that people would have to stop walking take out their phone and take a picture of the code which most people wouldn't do but most people already have the app on their phone its just attracting their attention and making them interested in a couple seconds while they are walking. I think this is a good way of promoting because
There is variety of different kinds of promotion in magazines depending on what kind of magazine it is and what the target audience is. For example sports magazines like Mens fitness or Uncaged have fitness products advertised in them, local gyms and other things that relate to fitness, this is one of the easiest ways companies advertise to a specific target market also by putting advertisements for these products in a magazine that people buy every week/month they trust the quality of the product because its in their favorite magazine which they trust. I think this is a good way to promote products or events because it gets to the correct target market that reads the magazine, the only bad thing about this is that most people don't read many magazines nowadays they mainly look online.
Newspaper ads are very similar to magazine ads they target a specific market that reads newpapers which is normal more mature but in some cases not. Newspapers advertise events more than products because most adults have families and they can go to these events that are being advertised in the local newspaper. I think this is a good way of advertising/promoting because it can send a message to the target market give them details about the product or event, the bad thing about advertising in newspapers is the same as magazines most people look on their mobile to find out about the news. But its is still a good reliable ways to send a message to the mature 21-over audience.
TV adverts is one of the most easiest ways to reach the demographic the company wants to reach and show their new products or events to because nearly everyone has a TV depending on the time of day they show different adverts, for example they will advertise toys at 3-4 because that's when kids get home from school. I think this is the easiest way to advertise anything because nearly everyone watch's TV, putting a advert on at a certain time in the day will target a specific market that will be interested by the product or event that is being advertised/promoted, its also easy to visual communicate details to the target market using text, voice overs and images. The bad thing about using TV adverts is that the target market wont build any trust for this company/brand within 20 seconds unless they are a well known brand/company.
Website banner is one of the most effective ways to advertise products online because the banners that are used can be interactive and attract target market and deliver their message to them using video, text and sound. AD banners that are apart of a campaign are more successful because they link with other parts of the campaign like social media or websites and were created with good intentions for the target market, its also effective because it makes the target market curious and they want to click the banner and find out what it about.

Leaflet are one of the most common ways of advertising products or events because they are small easy to carry and they can be posted into people letterboxes, they can be used in many different ways and can sent a short message to the target audience many using type and layout to keep attract the views eyes around the page. They mainly have special deal or offers to draw in the target market, they normal have a promotional code or something similar which allows the target market to get a discount on certain items online which makes them go online and look at the site. I think is this an effective way of advertising products and events because of the reasons i have listed above, The bad thing about using leaflets is that if you don't have a good layout or a good way to attract the target market it will be useless and the message wont have been delivered properly and the target market wont want to build a relationship/trust with that brand/company in the future.
Campaigns are used to promote products or events they have many different aspects to them and are used for different reasons, they are the most successful way to gain a lot of mass media and more customers in the time span of the campaign. There are many different ways of creating campaigns like using guerilla marketing which is really interesting brands and companies find diverse ways to advertise their products getting the target market involved and excited for them, this also attracts attention like media and press then more people find out about it online or through family and friends which leads to more people learning about this brand/company. I think this is one of the best ways to promote a product but it can very risky because it might not get the friction that is needed and a lot of money can be wasted.
Posters are like postcards/leaflets they attract attention then send a message to the target audience. Using posters is a good way to communicate with the demographic depending on the location of the poster and whats on the poster, using type and layout in a effective way will show the demographic information about the product and what its does or an event with information about the event and is they can retain this information makes a good poster to advertise products/events.
Billboards are similar to posters but on a larger scale they are for people who are driving or people walking. These billboards are seen by everyone which means their target market could grow if the viewers like what they see on the billboard.
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