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middle east story

No description

lauren welker

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of middle east story

Summary By Ulfat al-Idilbi "The Women's Baths" The Baths Citation Syria My Reaction At first, this story bored me. It was just another project i had to deal with. But after reading it over, and a little help from my mom, I figured out that the Grandmother was just trying to show her granddaughter that she's important and that she needs to be respected. Syria is in a region called the Middle East. It's most important river is the Euphrates. It lies between latitude lines 32 and 38 degrees north.
It"s mostly arid plateau.

syria has a rich history of several different nations and states. It's most popular religion is Islam, and other religions are treated harshly. The baths were a women's place to relax. She could bathe in the Wastani, juwani, or any of the cubicles in between. Floor plan of the baths: al-Ibildi, Ulfat."The Women's Baths".Are You Listening? Voices from the Middle East.Ed. Carol Johnson shedd. Cambridge MA: Harvard, 1998 15-19 web.

Harbeson,John."The study of Architectural Design."Sketch.Pencil Point Press,New York.WWw.ac.uk.archi/unwins/aawebs/bathsx.html.November28,2012 Watch the video: http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/13932305/the-womens-baths A rite of passage in Syria are going to the baths and marriage according to the story. What’s a rite of passage in Syria for women? The bath’s equal today are the public swimming pools and spas. Both are places of social activity and relaxation. What’s the bath’s equivalent today? Yes, or I thought so. The mother doesn’t care if the grandmother is right, she always critics her. I see this in my own life, but I think it’s wrong. I wish to never have a relationship like that with my mother-in-law or daughter-in-law. In the story, was the relationship between the grandmother and mother(Daughter-in-law) normal? By Ulfat al-Idilbi Question about “The Woman’s Baths” What does the Grandmother mean when she
says that in her trunk are "years which have
been folded up and stored away"? When the grandmother says this she means the trunk is old and has been through a lot with her. What literary devices invoke a magical atmosphere? The steam for the hot water hanged like fog, creating a magical atomosphere The bath house is a potpourri
of sounds and images. Describe contrasting images and/or sounds found in the story. Well, I pictured a small room when you first walked in and a door that opens up to a huge hall with benches in the story. I think this room would be very noisy. And then Marwah erupts from the shadows. With her comes a smell that makes the main character queasy. I also picture I also picture a lot of steam in the baths. The story shows this version of life: As a young girl, you are the pupil of your parents, grandparents, and other elders. Then, you get married to a man and become the unchallenged mistress of the house. Children then become your pupils as you teach them how to take care of the house. When they grew up and get married, some girl that up son choose for a wife comes and takes over. How does the story reflect the live cycle of women in Syria? Based on the description of women workers in the baths,what sort of portrait emerges of the social and economic state of the Syrian women and children? How does the granddaughter react to this? The image of Syria's economy is poor. Because the granddaughter is very stupid, she is just fine being a slave to society. How is the bath a metaphor for community and traditions;what are the functions of the baths? The functions of the baths to be a place of socialization while getting a bath.
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