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Triple Venn Diagram on Earth, Moon, and Sun

By: Jacob Pedraza and Albert Casas

William Dedrick

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Triple Venn Diagram on Earth, Moon, and Sun

Has NO life
No Atmosphere

Has NO water
Orbits around earth
Has craters
Is made out of rock
Orbit a planet
Has no life
Help earth
Both spheres
Has life
Only planet with water
Has an atmosphere
Distance from sun: 92,000,000
Is made out of hot gases
Is at the center of the solar system
Surface temp. 5,788 K
Is a sphere
Sun and Earth
Both are spheres
Both orbited by a planet
Both have atmospheres
Earth, Sun & Moon
All spheres
Have gravity
All part of the solar system
1. Where is the earth located in the solar system.
A. 3rd position
B. 6th position
C. 1st position
D. None of the above
2. What is 1 thing the earth and sun have in common.
A. Both support life
B. Both have water
C. Have craters on the surface
D. Something orbits them
3. The earth is the only
planet known to support life.
True or False ?
Quiz !!!
4. What Planet does the moon orbit around
A. Sun
B. Mercury
C. Mars
D. None of the above
5. What gives the earth
heat and light energy
A. Moon
B. Sun
C. Earth
D. Venus
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