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on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Wonder

My Opinion
Wonder - By R.J. Palacio
Prezi by Darby Hickman

R.J Palacio
R.J. Palacio is the author of our summer reading novel Wonder. She is married, has two children, and two dogs. She lives in New York City. She was a art director and a graphic designer. She designed book jackets for other people. She had been waiting for her chance to be an author until one day she saw an extraordinary boy at the front of an ice cream store. She then wrote her first novel "Wonder".
August Pullman has to go to a public school for the first time in his life. This is hard in general, but it is even more difficult for August because he has a facial deformation. He is bullied and is stared at, and he only has two friends. Jack Will and Summer.
Rising Action
August overheard Jack saying he was only friends with him because the principal said to. It was Halloween so everyone was wearing costumes. August wore a bleeding scream costume instead of his original costume. Therefore, Jack didn't know August was sitting near them. Afterward, August started to ignore Jack. One day, Julian was making fun of August to Jack's face. Then Jack got mad and punched Julian. After what happened August forgave Jack! Julian got mad and made almost all of the boys in the fifth grade not talk to August or Jack. There are only four boys on August's side and all of the others except for a few are on Julian's side.
August goes to a nature retreat, and he is so excited about Julian not going. Then at the movies in the field they encounter a group of seventh graders that make fun of August. Jack stands up for him and gets pushed down by the group leader. Then August steps in front of Jack and gets pushed down also. Then Amos and two other boys who were on Julian's side step in and a huge fight starts. The boys run away into the cornfield and get lost. August realizes that he lost his brand new hearing aids.
After the nature retreat Amos and the two other boys become friends with August and Jack. And almost no one is on Julian's side anymore. The principal found the seventh graders that started a fight at the nature retreat. And he gave August back his hearing aids, but they were broken. But his parents had another pair made. August also got the most important award at graduation. And everything turned out perfect.
August Pullman was born with a facial deformity. He is stared at wherever he goes and is treated awful by other people. He has had many surgeries and none of them can make him look normal. He was home-schooled because of all the operations, so his parents decided that because he wasn't going to have a lot of operations anymore to put him in a public school.

This year is his first year at Beecher Prep. He is very smart and kind ,but no one but Jack Will and Summer are friends with him. He is different, but he is just like you and me underneath.
Jack Will is a student at Beecher Prep.
He was one of the three kids chosen to show August around the school. Even though he was asked to be kind to August, he is his friend despite that.

The first time he saw August he was sitting on a bench eating some ice cream when August sat down next to him. He was scared and shocked. He even made a yelping noise. His babysitter had to take him home.

Jack isn't the smartest kid but he is nice and he can be a good friend. He stood up for August many times. He is a great friend to August.
Summer is August's lunch buddy. She sits with him at lunch and has become a close friend of his. She is really nice and smart. Kids ask her why she hangs out with the freak and she just says"because he is a nice kid and don't call him that". She thinks August is fun, and she enjoys sitting with him. I think she is "cool beans".
Via is August's sister. She is very protective over him. She is in the ninth grade at a very nice school. Everyone says she is very pretty and smart. She is nice and caring especially to August. However, she is a regular teenager and has some drama every now and then. She loses her best friend, but she still makes it through the year. She has a strong heart and is a great person.
I think "Wonder" is an amazing book. It really got me thinking about the way we can act to stop bullying. I liked this book because it was a humorous, sad story that I couldn't stop reading. It was exciting in some parts and sad in others.

I also think that this book was so good because you got to know the characters. you really get to know August and feel what he feels. And you got to hear every main characters point of view. You also got to know August's back ground story or his past. This is an amazing book!
August's precept: everyone deserves a standing ovation once in there because everyone overcomes the world!
September precept: between choosing right or choosing kind,
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