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3574 and more

Raj Nahal

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of FIRST

What does FIRST stands for?
For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology BY RAJ TEAM 3574 Founded in 1989
By Dean Kamen
Inventor of Segway HISTORY OF FIRST ; Family first
: School second
: Team third FIRST TEAM 3574
HIGH TEKERZ Mission > Inspire young people to be science
and technology leaders
> Mentor-based programs of science,
engineering, technology, and skills that inspire innovation
> Enhance life capabilities including self-confidence,
communication, and leadership. Not just a team
But also a family :)
As well as a business Mentors and parents are the same <3 We mentor three Jr. Fll two FLL teams.
At shorewood Elementery
25 kids in altogether. FIRST PROGRAMS
Jr. FLL (Junior FIRST Lego League) K-3
FLL (FIRST Lego League) 4-8
FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) 7-12
FRC (FIRST Robotic Competition)
High School Diverse Team
Mexican Girls = Boys LOT OF FUN Programing
Trouble shooting
Web Design and Development Business
Project Management
Business Plan
Safety plan
Budget: $75,000/year Engineering
Design and rapid prototyping
Electrical EVERYONE
Being able to talk, dance, & try new things GIRLS
Very Important
Competition just for them (Girls Generation)
Some do more than guys,
we promote female involvement in STEM field. Important Websites
www.first3574.org (demonstrate the Event Calendar)
info@first3574.org WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN
FIRST Robotics Scholarships $16 million
Strengthens college application
Chance to change the world
And prepare for STEM & Business-related careers
Learn new skills, values, teamwork, and MORE.
Increase knowledge about your interest
Get to travel across U.S
Meet people from all over the world QUESTIONS?? Thank you for your time :) HAVE FUN!!! :) Core values Need Ultimate Ascent video here You don't have to know everything when you join. We will help you along the way! Students can be involved in all of the above.
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