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on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of CeBIT 2014: SAFEST

Public Safety and Security
with Smart Technologies
The Internet of Things
Crowd Detection
Challenges in public infrastructures
Public spaces, such as airports bring together large numbers of people on limited space
Unexpected events may lead to mass panic

Counting people without violating privacy requirements
Additional application scenarios
Queue management, monitoring of emergency exits, etc.
The Friendly Operating System for the Internet of Things
Three good reasons to think about a new OS for the IoT
1. RIOT is developer friendly
2. RIOT is resource friendly
3. RIOT is IoT friendly
RIOT is developer friendly
Standard programming in C or C++
Standard tools such as gcc, gdb, valgrind
Develop under Linux or Mac OS using the native port, deploy on embedded device
Zero learning curve for embedded programming
RIOT is resource friendly
Robustness & code-footprint flexibility
Enabling maximum energy-efficiency
Real-time capability due to ultra-low interrupt latency (~50 clock cycles) and priority-based scheduling
Multi-threading with ultra-low threading overhead (<25 bytes per thread)
RIOT is IoT friendly
6LoWPAN, IPv6, RPL, TCP, and UDP
Content-centric networking (CCN-lite)
Static and dynamic memory allocation
High resolution and long-term timers
Wiselib support (including algorithms for routing, clustering, timesync, etc.)

Standard compliant network stack
RIOT is available on multiple platforms ...
And is built on an active developer community
RIOT is built on the shoulders of an active open source developer community
SAFEST - Social-Area Framework for Early Security Triggers at Airports
Extend surveillance systems by surrounding devices ...
Joint work on civil security
Crowd Detection
Internet of Things
We developed techniques for crowd detection based on depth and infrared information.

High accuracy with common hardware.
We need mechanisms
to identify and size crowds.
to easily inform and guide people for evacuation.
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