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No description

Antonio PV

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of #GlobalRevolution

Hello World Nobody thought it was possible

Now, it is happening it is really happening # GlobalRevolution Some toughts on human evolution and a History piece by piece You might not be aware yet but there might a reason you've been feeling a little
confused lately There might be a reason why you don't but there is a reason you've been feeling funny There might be a reason things are getting worse and stop making sense long ago understand the messages coming from the media Or even feel alienated by them War, financial crisis, value crisis, humanitary crisis. Climate change, economic and political shock doctrines all over again Unsustainability, lack of free speech and basic rights worldwide Noise as information, feelings used to sell goods.

social unrest, intelectual violence The bad guys always winning... On the expense of the people But Who is the people and why am I part of it? AKA: From the caves to twitter 1. Communication Communication is the root of human nature. Communication
gave us, as human beeings our biological and social nature and made us develop, as individuals and collectives, trough
History Communication made civilizations, and built empires, reached the starts and created the markets. On the other hand, the lack of it made those civilizations, and people. fight each other. History in itself is a fight for communication, with cycles of enlightened periods based on big communicational improvements, both social, cultural and technological. Punset used the Silk Route as an example of a communication net that led to progress. Since the XIX Century, technical advances let humanity believe that progress would bring a new future based on pure evolution and Reason. Education started spreading and became accesible. The XX Century saw countless horrors, but it testified, too, of humanity's hunger for progress. Never the people had it better than in the XX Century. And all of its intellectual violence maybe you are fed up Tired of the world There has to be a cause A reason Some rational FAQ To explain this Situation A plan that someone didn't follow Ever growing Dystopian Our intelligence And our desires to live happy as individuals 2. Culture
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