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No description

Marije Propstra

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Louisiana

Louisiana state stuff
State tree
Where am I located?
How Louisiana got its name
In 1682,a French man named La Salle,put together a long journey to south Canada.La Salle was hoping to get really rich in the fur trade.Then in April La Salle got his group and went to the mightiest river in Louisiana and took all the land and gave it to France.In honor of the French king Louis the XIV he named it Louisiana.
How to travel around Louisiana
State seal / Flag
Both the state seal and flag have the
Eastern Brown Pelican
on them because that is the
state bird
State fun Stuff
Louisiana is known for its

jazz .

Take a boat on the Mississippi,walk through the French Quarter,bike at the Kisatchie National Forest,drive to Lake Charles.
Louisiana has many high ways that you can travel on some are
the 20,49,10,12,59,55.The Interstate high way is the 10.
State flower
State bird
Louisiana also has many historic museums,
lakes, and national forests.

Lousiana is located under Arkansas and above the Gulf of Mexico and in between Texas and Mississippi.
Did you know that Louisiana has 4 state songs all made in 1952.
2 official state songs: Give me Louisiana and You are my Sunshine
1 official state enviromental song: The Gifts of Earth
1 official state march: Louisiana my Home Sweet Home.
Give me Louisiana
Where would I go to SCHOOL?
Louisiana has nine universities.

Louisiana NFL
Louisiana NBA
Tallest state capital building in the U.S.
First opera performed in the US in New Orleans 1796.
Oldest town, Natchitoches established in 1714.
The state drink is milk.
in New Orleans.
The longest over water bridge in the world, 24 miles!
Crawfish capital of the world: Breaux Bridge.
Rayne is the Frog Capitol of the world.
Fun Facts
Marije Propstra #21
Teacher: Ms.Blair
Room: 405
Date: March 7th

School: Brookvale
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