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Family Tree

Paradigm Family Runion

Michiko Hikida

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Family Tree

Post Positive Interpretivist Critical Deconstructivist Family Tree Ontology Epistmology Methodology Major players Realist
The Truth is out there
Can be measured Post Positive Post Positive Post Positive Post Positive Critical Critical Critical Critical Ontology Objectivist
There is a way to the Truth Posit > Test > Confirm
Experiemental design
Quasi experiemental
Epistemology Methodology Major players Interpretivist Interpretivist Interpretivist Interpretivist Deconstructivist Deconstructivist Deconstructivist Deconstructivist Ontology Epistemology Methodology Major players Major players Methodology Epistemology Ontology Comte
Vienne Circle fellas
Henri de Staint- Simon
Durkheim Realist
Historical realist Knowledge is a social construction
truth is complicated by power dynamics Ethnography
Case Study
Action Research Marx
Gramsci Realist Knowledge is socialy constructed
Case Study
Life History Heidegger
Gadamer Foucault
Discourse Analysis
Semiotics Subjectivist Void
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