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Anna Melissa Somera

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Cebu • Manila • Davao
These are the common Types of Insurance that we Work With..
Philinsure Provides Good Benefits..
Our Uniform
Payroll Procedures for Supervisors and Rank and File
E-mail Access & Internet Connection
Our Culture
Everything You Need to Know about Philinsure...
Our Clients are Involved in..
Philinsure is the most reputable, fastest-growing and well-managed insurance broker in the Philippines.

We are the only insurance broker with a national presence, serving an expansive clientele in the three largest cities in the Philippines: Manila, Cebu and Davao. Within 6 years of its founding in year 2000, Philinsure grew to be the 9th largest broker in the Philippines and the 11th largest independent broker. It is also the 2nd largest reinsurance broker in the country.
Aviation Hull and Liability
Casualty Insurance including Money, Employee Dishonesty, and Bankers Blanket Bonds/Financial Comprehensive Liability Insurance Programmes including Products, Premises, Legal, and Professional Liability
Comprehensive Hospital Property and Liability Insurance Programmes including Doctors Malpractice
Comprehensive Property Insurance Programs including Broad-named Perils, Industrial All Risks, Machinery Breakdown and Business Interruption
Construction and Erection All Risks including Advance Loss of Profits and Delay
Credit & Bankruptcy Risks
Directors and Officers Liability
Employee Benefits including Hospitalization, Personal Accident and Life Insurance
Fleet Motor & Liability
Institutions Blanket Programmes
Insurance-based Retirement Plans, Keyman and Employee Loyalty Programmes
Marine Cargo including Delay in Start-up
Marine Hull, Liability and Protection & Indemnity
Mass Marketing and Affiliation Insurance Programmes
Professional Liabilities for Brokers, Engineers, Designers, Contractors, Lawyers, etc.
Membership Club Insurance Programmes including Directors & Officers liabilities
Sports Insurance Specialty Products and Consultancy Services
Political Risks including Sabotage & Terrorism, & Terrorism, Expropriation, Nationalization, Deprivation, Breach of Contract, etc.
Claims Settling Consulting and Advisory
Risk Management & Loss Control
Insurance and Risk-related Contract Reviews
Lenders Advisory Services
Insurance Audits and Reviews
Captive Consultancy Services
And Others.
Key Policies
HR will be giving you an Endorsement letter to process your BPI Payroll Account. Make sure you give your Account number to HR upon receiving your ATM Card.
We will be enrolling you to our BIOMETRICS System on your first day and make sure to log your Time In and Out Everyday.
Please be diligent in filing your leave forms ..
and Overtime forms accordingly..
And don't forget to submit them to
HR on or before our cut-off dates.
And you'll receive your salary on the
15th and 30th of the Month.
Monday - Thursday, Corporate Attire
Fridays, Smart Casual Attire
Questions ?
We have 1 hour lunch
break and we are allowed to munch light snacks in our working areas considering work productivity and deadlines. :)
You may get your free coffee
from the pantry..
UNIFORMS, as it is Important to our company's image.
Familiarize yourself with our HOUSE RULES
We advise our supervisors of any maintenance needs and problems of the office.
We wash our own dirty dishes.
We observe "Clean as you go" policy.
We keep the restrooms clean for the next user.
If we see something unclean, we clean it.
We eat lunch at the Pantry.
Fill out the e-mail request form and submit to HR, your Email will be available after 24 hours..
We only have internet connection from 12pm - 1pm..
If you need to browse the internet for an official business, inform your immediate superior..
Committed to pursuing Excellence in everything we do.
Committed to being Meticulous and paying Attention to Detail.
Committed to achieving Happiness in Life and in Work.
Committed to the Protection and Success of our Clients, Insurers, Adjusters and to Team Philinsure.
Committed to Creativity and to being different in how we do our work.
Committed to Constant Improvement in our Professional and Personal Lives.
Committed to Good Corporate Governance.
What We DO..
The Booming Center of the Philippines and our Head Office.
Business Center of the Philippines.
Our Young and Exciting Office.
As an Insurance Broker..
We are the bridge between our Clients, Insurers and Loss Adjusters.
We assist our clients in purchasing their insurance and in managing their insurance needs and requirements.
We protect our clients’ assets by studying and understanding their businesses in order to provide them with good Risk Management, sound insurance advice and applicable insurance policies suited to their needs.
We provide our clients with a comprehensive insurance protection at the least possible cost.
We ensure that we always review our clients' documents so it will be accurate and they will receive it on time.
Most importantly, we assist our Clients in achieving fast Claim settlement.
And lastly, we assure that the above services are provided personally, immediately, accurately and completely.
We don't just do Business with Companies. We do Business with the people in Corporations, Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters.
as Reinsurance Broker..
In simplest term, we provide Insurance for Insurance Companies who wish to spread the risks of the clients that they insure to other insurance companies.
We provided these services in the most accurate and efficient manner possible.
Reinsurance being a highly technical field, we provide more detailed explanation on issues that may arise.
Lastly, if you're interested in learning more about Reinsurance please discuss with Ms Grace Castillo, the Head of our Reinsurance Department.
as Risk Management Adviser..
We assist our clients in identifying risks that can cause damage to their assets and interrupt their businesses which may affect their profits or cash flow.
These risks can include fire, explosion, typhoon, earthquake, flood, damage to machinery and equipment, employee accidents and health issues, and the like.
There are many risks businesses face - It is our job to identify and understand these risks and show our clients the best way to avoid or protect themselves from these risks through insurance or through other risk minimisation tools.
Our Services
Insurance Program advice & Insurance policy design and purchasing.
Insurance Policy and Insurance Program Management in behalf of Clients.
Claims assistance and Claim Management.
Risk Management Advice and Assistance.
Our Services are always provided very quickly, very accurately and always comprehensively.
1. We must be aware of our duties and responsibilities as a team member such as making sure our attendance is logged, our working schedule is followed, our leaves are filed and our cash advances are immediately liquidated.

2.We must be mindful of the law-mandated policies such as giving equal opportunity to our internal & external clients, reporting accidents, maintaining a drug-free workplace, reporting communicable diseases and protecting everyone's safety.

3. We must always observe Confidentiality, Honesty, Integrity and Morality.

4.We must all be keen on excellent Performance as it is important to maintain and improve the quality of work, our focus and our full commitment to team Philinsure.

5. We must be responsible for observing orderliness, good conduct and we must preserve company image by dressing and behaving professionally and by maintaining company properties in good condition.

Any infractions against the above and against any policies spelled out in our Employee Manual will adversely affect Team Philinsure and will result in Disciplinary Action.

You may view our Employee Manual via your own computer/laptop. Simply go to MY COMPUTER. Click DRIVE Z > COMMON> COMPANY MANUAL.
Please contact your Immediate Superior or your friendly HR supervisor, Anna

T: 8229940 loc 127
C: 09177246291
E: anna.somera@philinsure.com
Do check the validity of the information found to limit possible exposure to un-reputable sites and software.
Do respect the legal protections to data and software provided by copyright and licenses.
Do inform the I.T. Department immediately of any unusual occurrence.
Do make sure that your computer's anti-virus protection is always updated as this is a company requirement.
Do not download text or images which contain material of a pornographic, racist or extreme political nature, which incites violence, hatred or any illegal activity.
Do not download content from Internet sites unless it is work related. This includes streaming audio and video. It also includes bringing in your personal laptop and wireless broadband to access unauthorized web sites.
Do not access any unauthorized instant messengers and social networking web sites. This includes yahoo messenger, msn, google chat, facebook and all web chat unless absolutely necessary (if internal chat servers are down. You are no longer allowed to connect your gadgets (e.g ipad, iphone, and blackberry devices) to PHILINSURE network.
Do not download software from the Internet and install it in PHILINSURE’s computer equipment.
Do not use PHILINSURE computers to make unauthorized entry into any other computer or network.
Do not disrupt or interfere with other computers or network users, services, or equipment. Intentional disruption of the operation of computer systems and networks is a crime.
Do not represent yourself as another person.
Do not use Internet access to transmit confidential, political, obscene, threatening, or harassing materials.
"I learned to work on a multitasking environment, and the value of teamwork. I learned how to address admin concerns with sincere care and represent myself professionally to my colleagues and all incoming guests and partners of Philinsure.
- Rochele Daguay, Administrative Assistant, Manila Branch since 2009.
"Here at Philinsure you have to be flexible and have the ability to multitask to achieve progress for the betterment of the company and own self. Teamwork, is always present in every department from prospecting, closing the account and servicing the New and Existing client."
- Pol Robles, Marketing Assistant, Manila Branch since 2009

"We are a Service oriented team. We are Respectful to our clients, we understand that our client's time is valuable and we are consistent in giving a level of service wherein our clients know what to expect. With strong work ethic that makes them focus on what needs to be done."
- Angel Valencia-Maramot, RI Claims and Collections Supervisor, Manila Branch since 2009.
Working in Philinsure has been an incredible experience. A company of values, it helps employees work at their best. And the best thing is, I like the people I work with.
-Eyah Zulueta, Cashier Staff, Manila Branch since 2009
“Every day I have the opportunity to work with experienced and talented people in a working environment that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration. In the future I will be one of those IT professionals or maybe the only IT guy who markets or sells insurance.”
- Herbie Gabilan, IT Manager since 2010

We are the best insurance and reinsurance brokers in the Philippines because we are the benchmark for customer service and
technical excellence.
We are passionate about our
personal commitment to YOU
because WE CARE.

1. Committed to pursuing Excellence and paying great attention to detail.
2. Committed to the well-being of our Clients, Insurers, Adjusters, Team Philinsure and the community.
3. Committed to being solicitous (Malasakit).
4. Committed to working with an Entrepreneurial spirit.
5. Committed to Creativity through constant improvement of our professional and personal Life.
6. Committed to Good Corporate Governance.
7. Committed to being Family Oriented.
8. Committed to working as one TEAM Philinsure.

The Philinsure way of answering a phone call.
" Philinsure, Good Morning/ Good Afternoon! How may I help you?"
"May I know who's on the line?"
"One moment Ma'am/Sir." (note that operator must inform the recipient who's calling)
"Good Morning/ Good Afternoon (Client's name)! This is (recipient's name). How may I help you?"
More about our comprehensive Medical Program..
During Emergency Situations..
If there is a need to evacuate, follow the emergency lights, exit the building and go to LEGASPI ACTIVE PARK.
Follow the Admin Officer of the branch for safety instructions.
Cebu - Leo
Manila - Rochele
Davao - Yeahlou
Who you gonna call?
For IT concerns..
T: (032) 254-667-81
E: itstaff@philinsure.com
For Admin concerns...
Cebu - (Amie) amie.legaspi@philinsure.com
Manila - (Rochele) rochelle.daguay@philinsure.com
Davao - (Yeahlou) yeahlou.castro@philinsure.com
(office needs/supplies/purchasing)
For Reporting Office Incidents...
Cebu - (Jackie) jacqueline.wenceslao@philinsure.com
Manila - (Joji) joji.perreras@philinsure.com
Davao - (Rey) rey.agustin@philinsure.com
Emergency Medical Kits are available in each office.
Short Quiz
1. Philinsure was established on the year __________.
2. Philinsure has 3 branches. Where are those?
3. We are the best _________ and ___________brokers in the Philippines because we are the benchmark for ________ ______ and _________ __________.We are passionate about our personal commitment to YOU because __ _____.
Committed to pursuing __________ and paying great attention to detail.
Committed to the ____-_____ of our Clients, Insurers, Adjusters, Team Philinsure and the community.
Committed to being __________ (Malasakit).
Committed to working with an _______________ ______.
Committed to __________ through constant improvement of our professional and personal Life.
Committed to Good _________ __________.
Committed to being_______ ________.
Committed to working as ___ ____ Philinsure.
For many years of being with team Phinsure, I have come to admire the direction of our leaders. You can see the strong organization and we're sure of its growth. We are delighted with the training that the company is providing us. We can truly enjoy the benefits.
Amie Legaspi, Finance and Admin Supervisor since 2000.
In Philinsure, we have the expertise to handle any type of Business or any type of Insurance & Reinsurance Requirement.
look for Herbie Gabilan
Short Quiz
__1. When there are problems in the office, we gossip about it and not let the management know directly.
__2. After using the rest room, we keep it clean for the next user.
__3. We leave unclean premises of the office undiscovered.
__4.We eat whenever and wherever we want.
__5. We consider our productivity before going to a break.
__6. We keep our working areas clean.
Choose a partner.
1. What are the practical applications of our values to your personal life.
2. How would you apply it to your current job.
3. What are the common challenges in your work? How would you apply our values in dealing with them.
Introduce yourself to the team using this guideline.

1. Name, age, course taken in college.
2. Hobbies, interests and passion.
3. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your life?
4. Current job title and description of the work you do.
5. How does the work you do contribute to the Vision of the company?
6. What are the insurance lines you are knowledgeable about as of the moment and what lines are you interested in?
7. What can you say about Philinsure culture.
8. What do you commit to do at work after knowing the company values?
Choose a character between the ff. and perform the Philinsure way of answering the telephone.
a. Operator
b. Caller
c. Recipient
Exchange roles until you memorize the spiel.
All expenses incurred in the process of organ donation and transplantation, unless the Employee is the recipient of such donation or transplantation.

Routine Physical examination required in school, insurance and government licensing;

Others (acete de mansanilla, efficascent oil, pain killer, valda pastilles, sebo de macho, soap for skin disease);

Expenses in connection with pregnancy resulting in childbirth, miscarriage (abortion) or caesarean section, pre natal or post natal care or and services and supplies performed or prescribed on account of the following complication or pregnancy;

Declared or undeclared war or any act thereof; Strikes, riots, civil commotion;

Travel or flight in any vehicle or device for aerial navigation except while riding solely as a fare-paying passenger and not as an operator or crew member, in or on, boarding or alighting from a certificate passenger aircraft operated by a regularly established commercial airline on any regular schedule, non-scheduled special or chartered trip; and

AIDS, venereal disease, sexually transmitted disease, rest cures, psychiatric or mental disorder.

General Exclusions

Special nursing care;

Injuries due to insanity or self-infliction;

Room, board, general nursing care or special hospital services not in accordance with the diagnosis and treatment of the condition for which hospital confinement is required;

X-ray therapy, radium therapy, radium and isotopes;

Plastic Surgery for any condition existing on the effective date of this Benefit Rider; except of due to accident to restore to normal function;

Cosmetic surgery for purposes of beautification except treatment of injury sustained in an accident while covered

Procurement or use of special braces, appliances or equipment;

General Exclusions

Functional Disorders of the mind/ psychiatric illness such as but not limited to anxiety

Non-surgical care for tuberculosis/rest cures/PTB medicines

Congenital anomalies

Hospitalization primarily for diagnosis, X-ray examinations, or physical therapy; medical exam as prevention ; or check ups not required in connection with the treatment of sickness or injury

Examination of the eyes for the glasses;

Drug addiction or alcoholism;

Treatment for communicable disease in epidemic proportion declared by ( Dept. of health) or entity or in an executive order as causing as state of emergency in any area and necessitating the setting up of appropriate quarantine measure therein;

General Exclusions

Claims Department (Manila)
(02) 8666-344
c/o Ms. Marita- Claims Processor

(032) 255 9946 / 254 4128
c/o Michele/Ann - (Cebu)

09239021889 - Ann


For treatment in non-accredited provider

Step 1: Secure OP Form from HR/ Clinic.
Step 2: Ask attending physician to complete OP Form.
Step 3: Submit form to Sun Life GREPA, together with original official receipts/laboratory requests and medical certificate or OP Form.
Step 4: Sun Life GREPA to process payment in 30 Calendar days.

Reimbursement Procedure

Sex Transformation, diagnosis and treatment of fertility or infertility, such as oral contraceptives, artificial insemination, sterilization or reversal of such;

Immunizations, allergy desensitization (cost of vaccine, allergens and determination of susceptibility)

Laser treatment for the purpose of corrective eye refraction;

Purchase or lease of durable medical equipment, and oxygen dispensing equipment; Vitamins;

Medical or surgical procedures which are experimental in nature or not generally accepted as standard medical treatment by the medical profession that may include but is not limited to Chiropractic Services, Chelation Therapy, herbal treatment and Acupuncture;

Hospitalization or medical treatment as a result of accidental bodily injury which the Insured Member sustained while engaging in a hazardous sports (such as racing, scuba diving, mountaineering, boxing, etc)

General Exclusions


Sleep Study and warts removal including face are covered up to a maximum of P20,000 and P5,000, respectively.
Surgical and Non-surgical cases of PTB are covered.
Admission/Starter Kit (1 thermometer/ID band/get well splint) IV insertion are covered.
Prescribed vitamins are covered only during confinement.


CHRONIC DISEASE may have one or more of the following characteristics: they are permanent, or leave residual disability and are caused by nonreversible pathological alteration and require special training of the patient for rehabilitation or may be expected to require a long period of supervision. (online medical dictionary)
(But not limited to the following)
1 Cerebrovascular disease (cerebrovascular accident or stroke, meningitis, encephalitis, seizure disorder)
2 Cardiovascular disease ( ischemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart failure, valvular heart disease)
3 Poliomyelitis
4 Diabetes Mellitus
5 Malignancies/Cancer
6 Cirrhosis of the Liver
7 Hepatitis B
8 Chronic urological/Nephrological disease
9 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
10 Leukemia
11 Chronic osteoartricular diseases (like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis)
12 Injuries from accidents

Chronic Diseases

Program covers specific confinement expenses which requires a minimum confinement period of 6 hours upon the recommendation of a physician.

Program is in addition to PhilHealth benefits (Philhealth Form 1A is required).
Member should file their philhealth during confinement/before discharged.

Covers outpatient surgeries.

Confinement is recommended by a Physician

24/7 coverage

In Patient Benefits

In-Patient Benefits
Cover specific expenses incurred during hospital confinement

Medical Insurance

Other Supplies/Materials which SLGFI deems non curative

Kidney basin
Disposal mask
Medicine cup
Tissue paper
Transfer fee
Utility TV
Urinal basin/Urine bag
Hot & cold pack
Vitamins (if not related to diagnosis)
Under pad
Bed sheet
Diet counseling
Glass, spoon & fork
Telephone calls

Business TAX
Admission kit
Comfort kit
Admission fee/registration fee
Alcohol (by bottle)
Calibrated glass
Cotton (by pack)
Draw sheet
Face towel
Ice bag/Ice cap
ID band, Name tag
Medical Certificate
Photocopy expenses
Splint (non-surgical)
Specimen cup

Uncovered Items under In Patient

June 15, 2014 to June 14, 2015

Group Insurance Program

Philpacific Insurance Brokers & Managers Inc.

Pre-existing conditions covered.

Tetanus & Animal Bites – First Dose covered
within 1st 24 hours from the time of accident

Out Patient Surgery covered under
hospitalization benefit

Other Benefits

Group Yearly Renewable Term
This covers death due to any cause, except excluded risks, and pay the death benefit to the insured’s designated beneficiaries.

24 hrs protection
No geographical limitation


Life Insurance


Life Insurance Benefit

Medical Insurance

Life Insurance

Group Insurance Program

Unmarried /Single Employees
Parents –not over 70yo.
Brothers and sisters – from 14 days to 23 years

Married Employees
Spouse – 70 yo
Children – from 14 days not over 23 years,

Qualified Dependents of Married and Unmarried Employees

Regular employees from 18 to 65 years

Covered Members / Eligibility Requirement

Disability A

Disability A

Restoration is not applicable to chronic/dreaded diseases

14 days Period of Continuous Work = maximum benefit

Less than 14 days = remaining balance only

Subject to Coordination of Benefit from other Insurers/HMO Medical Providers.
Pre and post confinement covers expenses one (1) month before and one (1) month after confinement.
Pre-existing conditions and congenital conditions covered up to plan limits.
Special Procedure Covered (MRI, Nuclear/Radioactive Isotope Scan, Computerized Tomography Scan, Thallium Scintingraphy, Physical & Speech Therapy, Dialysis, Cobalt Therapy, Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy, Angiography, & Surgery for Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy) shall be covered up to P100,000 for Class 1 and P40,000 for Class 2 per head per year whether done on an out-patient or in-patient basis.

Maximum limit per disability is restored to original level once intervening period is satisfied (14 days, fully recovered and cured from 1st disability)

Restoration of Benefits

If necessary, Sun Life GREPA will bill client for excess or denied claims.



Hospital sends bill to Sun Life GREPA.

Upon discharge, Hospital to check if expense is within limits.


Hospital Admits / Treats Member



For questions about the LOA, Hospital calls SLGFI.

Member signs printed Letter of Authorization


Hospital Swipes card & verify benefit



Member presents card to Hospital

Network Use ( White Card)
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