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Dove Real Beauty Sketches

No description

billie cordova

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Dove Real Beauty Sketches
The comparative sketches were used as backbone to the branded content across markets.
To emotionally engage the audience, Dove highlighted the fact that it's not just a common commercial, but as a social experiment. The film was launched with a global exclusive on the Today Show, the biggest US show in the US. The film was distributed afterwards to top media around the world and through Dove's social media channels. The sharing and buzz in social media quickly made the headlines of Mass Media.
What made the ad
We think the ad was successful because it is emotional. It elicited a strong emotional response from viewers. It moves people, especially women, and it makes people think because it's based on a true insight. The ad's self-esteem boosting message clearly resonated with a massive audience.
is a brand committed to making women realize their fullest potential for beauty by aiming to deliver products which tangibly improve the condition of skin and hair. Dove believes that beauty is the best result of proper care and that looking good equates to feeling good. Dove understands that when women look and feel beautiful, it makes them happier – a feeling every woman deserves to experience everyday.
The biggest barrier to women feeling beautiful is their own self-perception.
To prove that they are more beautiful than they think, Dove called in an FBI-trained forensic artist to conduct a social experiment.
Women were inspired to improve their self-esteem.
1 share for every 20 views, 98% likes, 1652% increase on Dove Channel subscribers
Only 4% of women believe they're beautiful. Dove inspired the other 96% to think the same.
3.1M aggregate shares on Facebook, 1 in 10 Facebook users saw the campaign, 611, 238 new Dove fans
240M impressions, 14368% increase on daily rate of tweets about the brand
Responsible for 90% of video content shares within its peer group category
3.8 Billion Global Impressions
73.4 Million Youtube Views
4th Most Shared Ad Ever (Youtube)
Most Shared Article in Mashable's History
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