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No description

Brian Lambert

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Ambidexterity

Ambidexterity What does it mean? Organizational environment Functional Design - Cross-Functional Teams Unsupported Teams - Ambidextrous organizations Organizational Design Incremental


Discontinuous 3 ways to innovate Structural Contextual Ambidexterity Levers? Leadership? Understanding of the employees? Contextual vs. Structural? How can a manager build Ambidexterity in his organization? (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Today's Business Tomorrow's Business Teaching Time ! Top-down


Horizontal Knowledge Inflows Organizational Context? Knowledge Sharing/Exchange


Inflows How to combine Exploration and Exploitation? Forms of ambidexterity & Context Knowledge Inflows Exploration vs. Exploitation Innovation
& Design AMBIDEXTERITY CONCLUSION - Literature: O’Reilly III, C. A. & Tushman, M.L. (2004). The ambidextrous organization. Harvard Business Review, 82, pp 72-81
- Literature: Birkinshaw, J. & Gibson, C. (2004). Building Ambidexterity into an organization. MIT Sloan Management Review, 45 (4), pp 47-55
- Literature: Mom, T.J., van den Bosch, F. & Volberda, H.W. (2007). Investigating managers’ exploration and exploitation activities. The influence of top-down, bottom-up and horizontal knowledge inflows. Journal of Management Studies, 44, pp 910-931
- http://www.koreus.com/modules/news/article2756.html References Break Time Bitches ! 2 Forms
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