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We Day 2012

Free the Children's We Day Celebration

Belani W

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of We Day 2012

2012 We Day is an educational event and a movement of young people leading local and global change. What is We Day? Me to We believes that we are the first generation that can truly end the worst forms of poverty. They believe in removing social barriers that hold us back from helping people in need. Every single day we have the opportunity to make a change. The world is in our hands and we have to make it a better place. We are agents of social change .... Marc and Craig Kielburger So who started We Day? To help get this message across to all those teens out there, there are many famous performers and speakers that come to entertain but like to keep their message clear. Some of them have even been to the countries that the Free the Children Foundation have helped. They've gone there and gotten down and dirty when helping build schools and do the daily chores of the village people. Performers & Speakers Spencer was born with out legs. But he has done more than any man with legs, could do. He walks with his hands and he has persevered and has become a world-re-nowned phenomenon. It all started when him and a friend went to Africa to help build a school. Shortly after coming back home he became a motivational speaker for Free the Children. He always has a smile on his face because he can tell tens of thousands of kids his story all on one magnificent day called We Day. After all this motivational talk he has even climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa. He has done so much all without legs. This only once again proved how we can make change. No matter what challenges we face. This one person was ... We Day helps kids make change by pushing charities closer to us and making it possible for kids just like me and you to make change. This proves that anyone can make a change. Local Change Global Change = tree planting = fundraising for a global charity OR This is what We Day is all about .... Why ??? because .... They started this movement at the age of 12. Marc started in his class with 11 people including himself. They went on a trip to India to help out a village. When Marc came back he wanted to make a difference and he did by starting the Free the Children Foundation. This lead to the making of We Day which spreads the message of making change to tens of thousands of youth and teens. Marc Marc Craig Craig Jennifer Nelly K'naan Shawn The Jake Hedley Spencer West Hudson Furtado Desman Tenors These are some of the performers that came to We Day .... Zeldin Justin Trudeau Robin Wiszowaty David Onley Roméo Dallaire These were only some of the performers and speakers that were at We Day this year. But one of them stood out over all ..... Spencer West Through thick and thin he's been through it all .... through the social aspect of the world he is considered "the man without legs" .... With his courage to act & speak on issues that he believes in, he has empowered thousands .... but in my eyes he's truly a quote from Gandhi .... You must be the change you wish to see in the world
-Mahatma Gandhi CHANGE So remember .... THE CHANGE BE
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