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Types of Violence

No description

Michaela Banks

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Types of Violence

Types of Violence 1.) Sport Violence An athletes behaviour impacts a person who looks up to them because, most little kids want to grow up and be like, Sidney Crosby, or other famous sport players and when they see them fight, it makes them believe that it is okay to fight with other people. 2.) Media Violence I think that media violence may be contributing to the amount of everyday violence, but I don't think that this is the reason for all of the violence in the world. Games like, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, are teaching kids, teenagers and even young adults to be much more violent, especially verbally violent. 3.) Group/Gang Violence Group violence is different from violence by an individual because when there is more than one person, there is more power also. A group would be more intimidating, and forceful. Like the KKK. Even when school bullies are in groups, the person they are picking on, will be more intimidated because there is more people to possibly harm them. 4.) Traditional Roles In most cases you will find that the husband is being abusive because of little things like the wife not having dinner cooked when he gets home from work, or the fact that the wife wants to work, but he wants her to stay home and be a house wife. But sometimes the wife will be the abusive one, because of things like, the husband never does anything around the house to help out, or that she always has to cook dinner for them, and so on. 5.) Witnessing Violence I think that there are different ways to look at the effects of someone growing up in a violent home. I think that in some cases the children will grow up to be violent on different levels, depending on how violent the parents were. I also think that some people the grew up in an abusive enviroment, may learn a lesson from that, and not want to be like thier parents/gaurdians.
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