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Alex Roman

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Niger

Niger HDI GDP As the years go by the GDP raises. As of 2008 the GDP growth ras is -0.4 Population The Population is 14,704,318 as of 2008 arn't they cute Life Expectancy
As of 2008 the average life expectancy was 51.4 years Niger is here Niger is ranked the lowest out of all the countries for HDI. Ranking at 182 with .340 HDI as of 2007. The amount of people who have aids in thousands is 85 out of all the people in Niger. The edication in Niger for male as of 2007 is 53 for literacy rates and for females is 26 as of 2007. The mortality rate in Niger as of 2008 for kids under five is 167. 27% of infants in Niger are born with a low birthweight
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