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Diseases in Our School

No description

Caroline Alvarez

on 23 April 2016

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Transcript of Diseases in Our School

As a group, we found that our solutions seem to center around education and awareness.
Student Awareness
Do students, in our school,who come from low-income household, have a higher risk of contracting infectious diseases?
What locations in our school,
contain the highest proportion of
bacteria, and once identified, what can we do to
prevent the spread?
Based on our school's demographics, infection rates, and awareness data we decided to focus on education as a possible solution
Can we reduce illness related absences by educating teachers about disease prevention?

Collaborate with administration, janitors & students
about the bacterial infections found:
(Do the following to decrease spread)?
Sanitize areas that are commonly used or touched.
Use gloves when passing out snacks within the classrooms.

Perform diagnostic tests to determine actual pathogens. (i.e)
Analyze cleaning products against most common pathogens to determine the most effective
Educate teachers about techniques to prevent diseases from spreading
Post survey the teachers and analyze differences
Educate students and promote health preventions
How can IHSCA reduce school-related illnesses for students and staff in the school?
Student awareness
Where we find infectious diseases
Teacher awareness

Instituto Health Science and Career Academy
R&D STEM Learning Exchange
Illinois Science & Technology Coalition
In order to take on the challenge, we focused on three main points:
Next Steps
Create a post survey in order to assess student understanding of the information in the posters
Perform diagnostic tests to determine actual pathogens. (i.e)
Analyze cleaning products against most common pathogens to determine the most effective
In order to educate students and teachers, we want to create a health-awareness challenge.

The idea of the challenge would promote participation to learn healthy practices to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.
Based on our combined data, we concluded that education is the best solution to minimize the spread of disease in our school.
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