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Izaiah Sutton

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Pele

I chose to research Pele for my biography because he has a passion for soccer and that's my passion as well. Pele's average (97) made him one of the best soccer players in the world and in history, that's something I would like to accomplish in my life. When Pele was first recruited he was 17 years old; he was asked to play for his national team, Brazil. He also influenced me because he was the best in his time and worked hard to achieve his accomplishments. These are my three reasons why I chose Pele for my biography. One Pele has a passion for soccer that makes him amazing at it, two his average made it to one of the best players in the world, and three Pele tried his hardest to get to the top of his game.
- Pele was born on October 21, 1940
- Pele moved with his family to Baura, Brazil as a very young boy( 6 years old)
- As Pele got older he was more into soccer and joined a soccer team that was coached by a former brazilian soccer player
- Pele played for Santos FC from (1956-1974) 1088 goals in 1115 appearances
- Pele was transferred from Santos FC to the New York Cosmos in 1975 he played for them from (1975-1977)
- Pele's career started in (1956), and his carer ended in (1977) he played for 21 years
- January 1, 2000 Pele was named best player of the 1900 because he scored 1281 goals in 1363 matches

Monday, February 17, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Soccer Career
When Pele was 15 his coach brought him to Santos and told the coaches "this boy will be the best soccer player", the coaches accepted him. Pele started as a substitute on Santos FC, minutes into the second half and within a few seconds Pele scored his first goal as a pro soccer player. Many games later Pele began to make $60 a month playing for Santos FC. Brazil had never won a world cup until Pele came to play at 17 years old, it was the final game and Brazil couldn't score a goal against Portugal. The coaches put Pele on in the second half, he assisted one goal and scored the other, that day Pele was known by the world.

Job: Professional Soccer Player
Date of Birth; October 21 1940
Place of Birth: Tres Corocoes, Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian
Real Name: Edison Arantes Mascineto
First Spouse: Rosemeridos Reis Cholbi
Second Spouse: Assiriria lemos Seixas
Third Spouse: Marcia Aok
Zodiac sign: Horoscope
Children: four daughters, two sons
Mother: Dona Celeste Arantes
Father: Ramos known as (Dondinho)
When Pele was young he lived in the poor town of Tres Coracoes, Pele's family didn't have enough money to buy him any shoes or a soccer ball. Pele's dad got an old sock and stuffed it with rags and Pele would run shoeless around the streets kicking the sock. He often skipped school to practice soccer on the fields. To earn money for a soccer ball, Pele sold roasted peanuts out of movie theaters. With his friends they made a group called the shoeless ones.
When Pele was 15 years old he got a shot to play for a professional soccer club called Santos. Pele was recruited to play for his national team, Brazil and was the starting Striker in a few months, Pele was 17 years old. his first world cup he scored 3 goals making a win over France for the finals, that's when Pele was known by the world. Pele won South American best soccer player of the year (1973). He made a record of scoring 619 goals in 638 games that was a world record for 3 years. After that he surpassed his own record by scoring more goals in more games 650 goals in 694 games. The International Federation of Soccer History and Statistics voted him as the soccer player of the century in (1999).
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