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Proposal Presentation

No description

Raymond Lam

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of Proposal Presentation

Group Members
Chui Chun Wai,Velda (3035182429)
Choi Yuet Ching,Clarice (3035091474)
Lam Hin Sang,Raymond (3035123679)
Woo Hoi Yee,Peonie (3035180926)
Lo Chun Hang,David (3035125158)
Company Information
Company name: City of Light (CL) Ltd.

To introduce the use of solar energy and
make our environment better for the next generation

To provide solar devices to a large number of customers

Social cost to the society:
- Time cost
- Direct economic cost
- Congestion make the emission problem more serious
-cost ~4% of GDP to compensate the cost of congestion

A good model for other Chinese cities to follow
Scope of study
- Urban Problem: Traffic congestion

- Transportation Type: Road transport

- Targeted Area in Beijing: Urban area

- Period of study: 2007-2015
To investigate the causes of traffic congestion in Beijing.
To evaluate the government's approach to the problem.
To evaluate the effectiveness of the adopted policy.
Suggest some solutions to the problem.

Scope of study

1. Causes of traffic congestion and its impacts to society

2. Evaluation on government policies

3. Further suggestions
- Research methods:
- Primary: Interviewing Beijing citizens and people who have been to Beijing
- Secondary: Literature review on books and articles, statistical analysis

- Availability of data: book, journal article, news article, interview
ENGG 1204
Company Presentation

Group 14
Implementation plan
Research plan and design

Background Information
Products/services we offer
Solar panels for window, wall and rooftop,(curtain)
Installation and maintenance

Guo, J., Sun, M., Wang, T., Lu, L. (ed.) (2014). Transportation development and congestion mitigation measures of Beijing, China. Beijing Transportation Research Center.
Hua, S., Wang, J., & Zhu, Y. (2013). "Cause Analysis and Countermeasures of Beijing City Congestion ". Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol. 96, pp. 1426-1432.
IBM .(2011), "IBM Global Commuter Pain Survey: Traffic Congestion Down, Pain Way Up" ,http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/35359.wss#contact, (last accessed on 25 March 2015).
Mao, L. Z., Zhu, H. G., & Duan, L. R. (2012). "The Social Cost of Traffic Congestion and Countermeasures in Beijing. " Sustainable Transportation Systems, pp. 68-76.
Wang, L., Xu, J., & Qin, P. (2014). "Will a driving restriction policy reduce car trips?—The case study of Beijing, China. "Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol. 67, pp. 279-290.
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