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Viruses and AntiVirus

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Transcript of Viruses and AntiVirus

5) which anti virus can you get for free?
A) Macfee
B) Norton
C) Avast
D) Famas Virus and Anti Virus By Jatharsan & Salauddin Programmers write the coding There are many ways that a computer can get infected, Here the most common ways to get infected.
1) E-Mail Attachments
2) Shared Networks
3) Removable Media (USB, DVD, CD)
4) Internet Download
5) Document Files How to detect a virus 1) Slow Computer
2) Error Messages
3) Suspicious Computer Files
4) Continuous Pop-Ups
5) AntiVirus Ads HOW CAN I PROTECT MY SELF? Download Free Anti- virus software
Avoid illegal downloading
DO NOT open suspicious files from messages A software that is capable of causing severe damage (invade and ruin) to your computer Email Viruses Personal Messages Captivate the Reader's attention WORMS Copies itself from machine to machine HOW DO THEY WORK? How Computers get Viruses What is a Virus? Common Types of Viruses Worms
Email/Messenger Viruses
Spy ware Why AntiVirus? 1) Help Detect Viruses
2) Removes Viruses
3) Prevent Against New Viruses What is an Anti-Virus
software? Anti-Virus is software that is designed to protect your computer from viruses, As well as destroy viruses Free Anti-virus programs FREE:


AVAST THEY SPREAD FROM COMPUTER TO COMPUTER Spy wares THE MOST COMMON VIRUSES Makes You Download the attachment Once you download and run the document, File, open the picture, a hidden program WILL run and WREAK HAVOC! eats away processing time and network bandwidth Main purpose is to reveal secret information to outside source > Software that performs unwanted or excess things secretly downloads other
programs with your desired
one. Purpose of coding is to annoy or destroy (usually to obtain secret information) Program is embedded into documents, attachments, files, software Sent away through email, downloading sites (media) and external media devices THINK SMART! VIRUSES TODAY Android phones are the
most vulnerable to viruses Apps now contain viruses Apple and IOS devices use different coding, therefore it is HARDER for its security to be breached BUT SEX Question Time 1) What is the 1st step to giving life to a virus?
2) How do Computers Usually get Viruses?

a) Email
b) Internet Download
c) Removable Media
d) Document Files
e) All of the Above 3) Common Type of Virus?
a) Worm
b) Snake
c) Spider
d) d-dot
e) Pikachu 4) What do computer Worms do?
6) which type of phone software can get viruses the easiest?

a) Android
B) Apple
C) Nokia 7) Name 1 way you can protect yourself from viruses?

a) Buying guns and riot shields
B) Anti-Virus software
c) opening every file you get spontaneously a) Pumping electric inside the CPU
b) Programming and coding what it will do
c) Downloading a virus program a) decompose dead materials
b) copy itself and leak personal details
c) none of the above
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