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social ;)

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Thania Silva Galicia

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of social ;)

What is a republican epoch?
Federal republic of Central America
Time They Dominated
Republican epoch
Important facts

• In the Central African Republic, the region that was Guatemala Sonsonate, El Salvador joined and almost the state of Altos (Quetzaltenango, Totonicapan and Solola Suchitepequez lost.

• In 1838, the Central American federation he disappeared, I stop dead and executions
The formation of the Central American Republic was surrounded by wars and civil strife between social groups in each province

• There were clashes between different states.

The Republican epoch it was the process of divestiture of America, being the Rebellion of the Communards and the Botanical Expedition, the main events that led and contributed to promoting independent idea.
The Federal Republic of Central America was a federation that emerged from the Constituent Assembly of the United Provinces of Central America, November 22, 1824, through the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Central America in 1824.
In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in addition to coffee, the Central American republics began growing bananas. United States invested in the cultivation of this fruit in Central America. The United Fruit Company (United Fruit), a US company, monopolized much of banana production and selling abroad.

After separation of the Central American Federation, Guatemala was founded as a Republic by General Rafael Carrera March 21, 1847
• The final formation of nations in Central America happened like this:
• Guatemala, 1,847
• Costa Rica, 1,848
• Nicaragua, 1,854
• El Salvador 1,859
• Honduras, 1,864

Rafael Carrera
Guatemala City, on October 25, 1814 - April 14 de 1865) was a military general and first President of the Republic of Guatemala -of 1847-1848

he led the rebellion against the liberal government of Dr. Mariano Galvez, whom he took from the presidency of the State of Guatemala

Among their legacy as president it is having decreed the founding of the Republic of Guatemala on March 21, 1847, after breaking the federal pact

1859 signed an international treaty with Britain, giving the territory of Belize to English
He created the Pavón Law, which stated that education would conform to Catholic doctrine
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