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evan mckie

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of JETHRO TULL

Jethro Tull was born in 1674 into a family of Berkshire gentry. He studied at Oxford University and Gray's Inn in preparation for a legal and political career, but ill health postponed these plans and, after his marriage in 1699, he began farming with his father.
What did he invent?
Jethro was frustrated with their lack of cooperation in the farms which prompted him to invent a machine to do the work for him. With this encouragement he invented the The Seed Drill and the Horse Drawn Hoe.
The Seed Drill
The Seed Drill was invented in 1701. It consisted of a wheeled vehicle containing a box filled with grain. There was a wheel-driven ratchet that sprayed the seed out evenly as the Seed Drill was pulled across the field.
How did it work?
The drill – which was made from elm wood and consisted of a wheeled wooden frame – worked by carving three channels into the earth into which seeds were dropped from containers at regular intervals. The seeds, once dropped by the horsedrawn drill, were then covered by the harrow (a trailing bar), which gathered soil and evenly deposited it over the channels.
The Seed Drill
Farming before Jethro Tull
Before Jethro Tull invented the Seed Drill, farming was done with physical labour. The use of human for faring meant that seeds planted by hands were often unevenly placed. The Introduction of the seed drill meant better quality farming and less manual labour.
Jethro's impact on today
Jethro's Seed Drill was the first step many innovations to improve on it. As time has gone on the Seed Drill has become bigger and more efficient. They have recently been attached to the back of gasoline powered tractors to allow even less labour than ever before.
contributions to the industrial revolution
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