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"While the auto waits" by O. Henry

No description

Carolina Lo Grasso

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of "While the auto waits" by O. Henry

"While the Auto waits" by O. Henry
The story is about a poor girl who pretends to be rich while reading in the park, met a man who is in love with her. This man lies about himself, supposing to be poor. They both lie each other but non of them expose the lie.
Characters and characterization:
- Mr. Parkenstacker : Secretive; calm;careful.
- The Girl: Secretive;Dishonest;Ambitious;
Setting in time and place:
- 1900-1910
- In a park , New York.
Time span:
- During the twilight.
- Calm, tense and hostile.

- "Hiding the through";
- "They pretend to be someone they are not";
- "Irony";
- "Poverty vs richness".
Point of view:
- 3 rd Person - Omniscient.
Scene or Panoramic?:
- Mostly Panoramic
- Line : 8; 9; 169.
The veil and the "New Arabian Nights" book.
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