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Offshore Supply Vessel

No description

Nada Elmoursi

on 2 July 2016

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Transcript of Offshore Supply Vessel

Offshore Supply Vessel Design
General Arrangement
GA is a drawing created by a
naval architect.
The purpose of this drawing is for space allocation, to ensure that everything
that an owner wants in a vessel will actually fit
Generation of the hull surface
Hull surface generation either graphically or analytically using the known design parameters.
The corresponding powering estimation should be based on one of the general approximate powering methods such as Ayre, Harvald and Guldhammer, Lapp, Moor, Danckwardt, and Holtrop.
OSV Mission
Is primarily engaged in the transport of stores, materials and equipment to offshore installations.
Designed with accommodation and bridge erections in the forward part of the vessel and an exposed cargo deck in the after part for the cargo handling at sea.
3D Modeling
Offshore support vessels engaged in providing services of Supply, Anchor Handling or
Towing, Fire Fighting, Diving and Underwater Vehicles Support, Oil Spill Recovery, Safety Standby and Rescue, Pipe Laying, Heavy Lift, Well Intervention, Well Stimulation, Well Test, Escort, and Wind Turbine Installation.
Offshore Supply Vessel
These ships range from 50 to 100 meters in length and accomplish a variety of tasks.
The primary function for most of these vessels is logistic support and transportation of goods, tools, equipment and personnel to and from offshore oil platforms and other offshore structures.

Offshore Supply vessel is a ship specially designed to supply offshore oil platforms.
Our project is a sistership of a vessel that has been approved by the DNV the international certification body and classification society.
Vessel Specifications and Lines Plans
General specifications of the vessel
LOA = 64.27 m
LBP = 58.4 m
B = 14.7 m
The lines drawing consist of projections of the intersection of the hull with a series of planes. The planes are equally spaced in each of the three dimensions. Planes in one dimension will be perpendicular to planes in the other two dimensions.
T = 6 m
D = 20.7 m
Displacement = 3415 t
Speed max = 20 kn
Lines Plans
3D modeling is used extensively for hull design, piping, structural analysis, outfit and
product visualization.
3D renderings are extremely important in assisting clients to visualize the final
product at a very early design stage.

Ship Scantling
New generation OSVs have become more technically advanced to meet the support demands of deep water drilling and subsea operations. To keep pace with industry changes,
developed the Rules for Building and Classing Offshore Support Vessels (OSV Rules) with standards for the design and construction of modern OSVs. ABS continuously reviews and updates its Rules and Guides to anticipate industry developments.
Problems Faced and Solutions
Forward of the ship hull was irregular, so fairing was necessary.
Addition of a bulbous bow to decrease resistance and to improve seakeeping characteristics.
Through field research I found out that OSV's are highly profitable and Divers use supply vessels for subsea activities and welding
Computer Design
Programs used:
Autocad 2010
Rhinoceros Parametric
Maxsurf Modeler
Maxsurf Stability
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