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A Look at "This Amazing, Troubling Book"

No description

Samantha Vealey

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of A Look at "This Amazing, Troubling Book"

A Look at "This Amazing, Troubling Book," by Toni Morrison Chloe Anthony Wofford Quick Write Morrison's Reactions to
Multiple Readings The Story is about Huck Jim's Character Hope for Change Born in Lorain, OH on February 18, 1931. In her introduction to "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," entitled "This Amazing, Troubling Book," Morrison attempts to pinpoint what has always distressed her as she read the novel. After finishing the novel, what are some of your own reactions to Twain's creation? Do you have a sense of what has led you to feel the way you do and if so, what? Conflicting Reactions, Some Positive
Not what you might expect
Journey to discover the root of her discomfort Relationship only exists on the river.
Exaggerated for disconnect as well as racist readers (quote)
Serves as a critique to white fatherhood.
Reveals the as "the argument it raises"
Postponement of abolition
Deferment of Jim's freedom
Use of silences
Necessity for secrecy
Switch from silence to vocalization
Activism (quote)
No more Tom
Education: Teaching in the Classroom
Freeing Jim by freeing the text Education:
Howard University
Cornell University
Texas Southern University
Yale Profession:
Chair at Princeton University
Editor at Random House
Public Lectures
Novelist Novels:
The Bluest Eye (1970)
Sula (1974)
Song of Solomon (1977)
Tar Baby (1981)
Beloved (1987)
Jazz (1992)
Paradise (1997)
Love (2003)
A Mercy (2008)
Home (2012) Over 20 Awards Death and suicide.
Take it to the river-escape from chaos. (quote)
Jim is the key to Huck's ability to live without fear and sadness.
Replacement father figure.
Symbiotic relationship. “It struck me as a purist yet elementary kind of censorship designed to appease adults rather than educate children. Amputate the problem, band-aid the solution” (386). Reasons for Morrison's "Fear and alarm" 1. Morbidity attached to Huck's character.
Binary: Civilized vs. Uncivilized
"external chaos"
2. Jim and Huck relationship doomed to end.
Exaggeration of Jim's character
3. Huck's inability to interact freely in a racist society.
Silence vs. voice "The brilliance of "Huckleberry Finn" is that it is the argument it raises," (386).
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