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F.U.N Daycamp

No description

Tyler Ouimet

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of F.U.N Daycamp

Activities F.U.N Day Camp Schedule Facility Mission Statement Goals Objectives 1.To promote friendship and eliminate discrimination in a fun environment for children regardless of gender, ethnicity, and social economic status.

2. To encourage physical and mental well-being and to stimulate the creative mind. 3.To promote safety and security within the camp and surrounding community.
F.U.N Day Camp is committed to providing the community with a welcoming and safe environment, through a variety of interactive, educational and recreational games planned and implemented by our team of experienced, friendly, and responsible staff. •To supply a supportive, understand staff along with activities that encourage acceptance among each other. •To develop well organized activities such as sports, active and educational games, and art projects that encourages health, teamwork, and self-expression. •To encourage safety awareness by explaining, advising and engaging the youth in activities that assist in educating them of common dangers present in society. At our facility we provide individuals with activities in our:
Clientele There are sixty children, aged 5-12

Our targeted participants include those in early and late childhood.

Improvement of motor coordination
Impulsiveness and restlessness
Good memory
Imitation and rivalry among playmates
Sensitivity to failure.

Good motor control
Decreased reasoning
Mental alertness
Desired to impress others

Social approval
Traits of Early Childhood Traits of Late Chidhood Needs of Targeted Participants Staffing At our facility we also need :

Three Janitors
Eight Animators
Two Lifeguards
Four Babysitters
Four Counselors In Training (volunteers). All individuals on staff at F.U.N Day Camp must go through security checks, police screening before being hired. They also must be first aid certified. F.U.N Day Camp, allows children to express themselves in a safe, secure, and non-judgmental environment. F.U.N Day Camp will assess the children’s needs by improving their social skills, self esteem and desire for affection and love. Our activities, which include challenge games, leadership activities, and many others, will maximize the participation of all individuals and increase the participants' overall skill level.

F.U.N Day Camp will supply a supportive and understanding staff, along with activities that encourage acceptance among each other. At each of our stations we will also have specialized staff to coordinate activities to make sure the children get the best possible experience they can have at our day camp. Conclusion Your child is sure to have fun at F.U.N Day Camp! Indoor Pool Gym Large multi-purpose room
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