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CHAPTER 5: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations.

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Pia Noeleen Cuenca

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of CHAPTER 5: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations.

CHAPTER 5: Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation.

Chapter 5: Summary
What if we do nothing?
Chapter 5: Conclusion
Chapter 5: Recommendation
Summary of Findings
- highlights the salient results of the study.

Example. How qualified are the teachers handling science in the high schools of province A?

Of the 59 teachers, 31 or 53.54 percent were BSE graduates and three or 5.08 percent were MA degree holders. The rest, 25 or 42.37 percent, were non-BSE baccalaureate degree holders with at least 18 education units. Less than half of all the teachers, only 27 or 45.76 percent were science majors and the majority, 32 or 54.24 percent were non-science majors.
-It is based on the findings of the study.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
-There should be e brief statement about the main purpose of the study.
Example. (Using the hypothetical study of teaching science in the high schools of Province A). This study was conducted for the purpose of determining the status of teaching science in the high schools of Province A. The descriptive method of research was utilized and the normative survey technique was used for gathering data. The questionnaire served as the instrument for collecting data. All the teachers handling science and a 20percent representative sample of the students were the respondents. The inquiry was conducted during the school year 1989-’90.
Resource: http://thesisadviser.blogspot.com/2013/02/thesis-writing-summary-conclusions-and.html
-It demands that each specific question under
the statement of the problem must be written
first to followed by the findings that would answer it.
Summary of Findings
Summary of Findings
-This part does not contain number/ percentages or statistical values.
-Conclusions should appropriately answer the specific questions raised at the beginning of the investigation.
- brief and short, but convey all the important information.
- suggestions offered by the study

i.e., further research, implications like policy formulation, program development, etc.

- recommendations should also be based in the findings and conclusions drawn.
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