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Real World Applications and Jobs That Use Trigonometry

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Kennis Crawford

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Real World Applications and Jobs That Use Trigonometry

Trigonometry is especially useful in architecture because it allows the architect to calculate distances and forces related to diagonal elements.
Radiologists use trigonometry in the medical field through medical imaging through CAT scans and ultrasounds.
Navigators use trigonometry to determine locations, to chart paths, or to determine how far a ship or a plane is away from land.
Land Surveyor
Surveyors use the tangent function often to figure out the distance across a river or a canyon to figure out the total distance surveyed.
Real World Applications and Jobs That Use Trigonometry
Conner White And Kennis Crawford

Some of the Real World Jobs that use trig daily

Real World Applications
Surveying Across Bodies of water
Set up a post directly across a river for some landmark, then head downstream to a distance so we can find the total distance across.
Using trigonometry in architecture
Trigonometric identities like finding the sine of an angle will help when determining how much of a certain material is needed in order to construct the building.
Using trigonometry in navigation
Triangulation which is an application of trigonometry, is also used in satellite navigation systems. For instance a pilot taking off from Richmond International will have to know the angle to take off, when and where to turn at a certain angle in order to reach O'Hara Airport in Chicago
Using trigonometry in the medical field
The practical application of medical techniques such as CAT and MRI scanning, in detecting tumors and even in laser treatments, use the sine and cosine functions
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