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Cosplay Making 101

This is my panel for Anime Crossroads 2012.

Savannah Jones

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Cosplay Making 101

Cosplay Making 101
Planning and Research
Most important part!
Think long and hard before you choose a character.
Know your skill level and how much you are willing to spend on it before you choose
Pick an easier character for your first time.
Break down the costume
Start by sketching out your character's costume a few times.
You then can take apart the costume into smaller parts.
Easy to make and find!
Help you make a more correct looking costume.
Websites for Tutorial
Fabric Types!
What kind of fabric should I use?
Basic Fabric Characteristic Guide
Usually are cheap
See through
Loose weave allows easy tears
Usually not see through
Tight weave for steadfast seams
Colors bleed
Steadfast colors
What would my character wear everyday?
How much am I willing to spend?
What is my skill level?
Common Fabric types
cotton: easy to use, breathes,somewhat see through, and cheap
satin and other silky materials: Fray like crazy, don't breath, and not see through
Fleece: soft, warm, not see through, and has a loose weave that gives way easily
Furs: Hard to sew and usually have to be done by hand if you do not have a nice sewing machine
Leather: There are no redos on this once it is sewn there is no going back
note: silky threads break easily under tension.
Wash fabrics before use
Shows true color of fabrics
Can add fabric softener to make not only softer but smell great!
If the material likes to fray hem the edges or trim them with pairing scissors before washing.
Get the measurements of sleeves, skirts, and shorts to correct scale.
This is done with good reference material.
Do not use chibi versions of characters if you can help it.
In the end always measure large!
Do not skimp out!
Can ruin a great costume if the shoes are not correct.
Hard to find in stores, so look online at places like Ebay!
Buy larger if you are unsure. It is easier to stuff the toe then to cram your foot in a too small shoe!
Part of research and proper reference
People do notice !
Can help or harm a costume
Good props are a great accent to any costume and the best thing for posing for photos.
Bad props just get in the way and negatively distract from the rest of the costume.
Good Details
A better looking Costume
If you have a character with unique hair wear a wig!
Do not buy from Asia if you have a large head or lots of hair.
Buy from American companies. ( EX: Arda)
Ebay is another great place, just check seller feedback.
Only wear contacts from secure sellers or optometrist (eye doctor).
You can ruin your eyes if you are not careful.
Honeycolor.com is a good place to get them.
It's for boys and girls!
Wear all makeup lightly.
Anime Characters are perfectly flawless.
Pro tip: Practice your make up if it is complicated.
Hand sewing vs. Machine sewing
Hand sewing is for details if you are not sure of yourself to sew with a sewing machine, or you do not have a sewing machine.
Machine sewing is for secure seams that you are sure are not going to rip out easily.
Iron every seam after you finish.
Ironing every seam makes it easier to double hem.
Iron safety: Read the instructions for the iron. Use the correct heat setting so that you do not melt your cloth.
Big no- no's of cosplay making
Safty pins
Do not use them unless your character has them.
Hot Glue
Does not hold cloth for long and not acceptable for Masquerades.
Take your time
Do everything correctly the first time!
You do not want to waste time or supplies redoing anything.
Wig styling
Foam head is necessary
Be gentle and brush from tip to top
Before heat styling make sure wig is heat resistant
Use all heated tools on low head
Wig actually shape when cooling so pin curls until cool
Good products to use on wigs:
Ice water resistant glue
spiking spray
oil free shine
Body form
Super helpful!
You can even make your own!
Found Items
Always keep your eyes open for items for a cosplay!
Never know what you will find where!
Keep a photo of your current or future cosplays on you at all times
Contains Everything such as:
Wig and hair
Make up
Ears/ horns
Sewing/ clothes
Boots and Shoes
Dyeing and Painting
Fursuits and Mascots
Jewels and Beads
Posing/ Photography
Lights electronics
Try to make them as light as possible
Even Skin tone
Use liquid foundation to provide an even skin tone over face and neck
Powder over the liquid foundation dries
Then apply make up according to what age your charterer is supposed to look.
Defining feature because anime characters have huge eyes
Male cosplayers should use black mascara and a thin liquid eye liner along the last line
Female cosplayers should make their eyes look bigger by wearing less eye liner and putting on fake eyelashes.
Main points to think about before you choose
Character you like the look or design of
Character you like or can relate to the personality of
Character you feel comfortable with
Character with the correct difficulty level
This is what you will be basing you costume off of so make sure it's good!
Anime, Manga, and the artist own drawings

Others who have cosplayed your costume before
Accurate fanart
Poor fanart
Chibi versions of characters
Wigs can make or break a good costume!

Heat sensitivity
Pre- styled?
Do they have the correct color or am I going to have to compromise
Things to look for in a wig:
Pro tip: Make sure to put in contacts before your makeup!
The stiffer the fabric the puffier it can get.
You can also use interfacing to make it stiff.
If you have absolutely no idea why type of fabric to choose you can always bring your design and reference with you to ask the people that work at the fabric store.
The Wig Scale
" Party city" wig
Synthetic fiber wig
(ethnic hair shop)
Lace wig
Human Hair wig
Wig with skin top
Wig styled and specifically sold for cosplay
The obvious: Google Youtube Ect.
Make sure to keep all spare fabric to use later!
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