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Pretty Little Liars

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Transcript of Pretty Little Liars

My favorite t.v. program Pretty Little Liars Main Characteristics Duration: 48 min.
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Channel: Boomerang #51
Lenguage: English Main characters Alison DiLaurentis: She´s vain, liar, selfish beautiful and small, she´s 16 years old and she is thin.

Spencer Hastings: She´s studious, tennis athlete and educated. She´s thin, your hair is brown and has fair complexion.

Aria Montgomery: She´s beautiful, rebel and confident, mature, small she have big eyes and brown. Hanna Marin: She is pretty, popular,
coquette, tall, her eyes are blue and blonde.

Emily Fields: She´s sentimental, tolerant, amicable,
tall, swarthy, slanted eyes and her hair is dark.

Jenna Marshal: She´s manipulative, controller,
revel, told, her eyes are green and her hair is brown. Emotions/Feelings Reactions Social Values Scared Angry Happiness Nervous Sadness Love Terror Relief Joy Surprise Curiosity Excited Friendship Confidence Loyalty Justice Honesty Respect
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