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Promoting the Integration of Technology Resources and Services @ Skidmore

An overview of what this course will cover.

Kelly Dempsey

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Promoting the Integration of Technology Resources and Services @ Skidmore

Technology Workshops @ Skidmore Promoting: Kelly Dempsey-Little
Instructional Technologist I ask 3 BIG Questions? What things do our users need or want to learn? How to best reach them? How do I cultivate valued relationships which build my credibility? Offer training people need and want based on surveys and past attendance Make it easy for people to find the schedule and register and a whole lot more... Base workshops on individual learning styles... Offer time for reflective practice Make it fun and interactive Help attendees make personal connections to what they're learning and how it will improve their teaching or productivity Offer a Complete Menu web 2.0 wiki blog licensing opensource freeware Captivate Tutorials packet PowerPoint network social network professional development WORD pixel chat repsonsibility pedagogy Microsoft Office Just-in-Time Deskside Coaching digital
citizens iMovie SMARTboard iPod upload download objectives Twitter browser storyboarding GIS Build a track record of satisfied users Be flexible in workshop times and dates. Determine when folks are most available Create top quality materials to give to attendees Custom workshops promote departmental team-building Build a reputation as a respected presenter with extensive knowledge and experience Ongoing consultancy and reaching out to give the best possible support to users
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