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The Road Gallery

No description

Simone Piro

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of The Road Gallery

Why design #jointhejourney?

Who are targeted?

How it works?

What will it contribute?
Perfect match for our campaign
Hashtag support, trendy
Allows rapid growth, large consumer market
Visually orientated
Facilitator for campaign
Followers #jointhejourney and #theroadgallery
Daily updates including timelapse and art work
Video logs done by artists to be posted on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and The Road Gallery website

Increased interaction between artists and their fans and clients

Allows clients and fans to know artists and their work better

Gives paintings an emotional dimension
To increase client-artists interactions

Give paintings a stronger emotional dimension

Make The Road Gallery a niche product with a strong fan base
higher engagement rates, higher click-through rates and higher conversion rate.
Know your target market
78.7% downloading or streaming video online
at least once per month. (eMarketer)
Allows the public to consume art as a commodity
‘Why online video is the future of content marketing’
The Road Gallery Campaign

Presented by:
Nabih Al Moukayed, Faraz Arjomandi, Lu Li and Jenny Pirault

Targets art students in New York City. For example: Parsons/NYU/etc.
The topic focuses on artists' perception of life and its journey.
Participants share their work on social platforms.
Must have hashtags: #jointhejourney #theroadgallery
The winner's artwork will be exhibited and sold on the gallery's site.
Restructuring social media platforms.

Costs could be incurred.

Depends on artists commitment.


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