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My math

Ayyat Sattar

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Math

By: Ayyat and Nuha The Apple ipad Why we chose this product We chose apple ipad because it has a lot of cool new functions. For example the I pad can download over 275000 apps. In can also take very clear pictures and has a really fast Wi-Fi. A lot of people want that. We chose it because it will be easier to create biased and we can make it look better than other products. We compared it with the Samsung tablet and Blackberry play book.We never added price because ipad is more expensive than the others. Our survey question 1. Our question is ......
When you take a picture on the Ipad it looks real. The colours are vibrant and very rich. It is also faster than most phones, computers, laptops etc. The ipad can have over 275,000 apps downloaded. The Wi-Fi is twice as fast as electronic devices. If you had a choice between Ipad, Samsung tablet, and Blackberry Playbook which one would you get? Our results in survey monkey,classes and teachers . We went to classes from grades 4-8. And some teachers. We also posted a question on survey monkey. 10/132 said they wanted Blackberry play book. 18/132 people wanted Samsung Tablet. 104/132 people voted for ipad. We got the results we wanted because we used a biased question. We surveyd the grade 4-8 and some teachers because the grade 4s parents probably have an ipad so they probably play on it sometimes we surveyed 5-8 because they probably have one so they may know about it. We asked some teachers thinking they have the ipad Graph 104 people wanted ipad.
18 people wanted samsung tablet.
10 people wanted blackberry playbook. We chose pie graph because it is easy to read the information. You dont have to look at the x or y axes to see the numbers. You can tell in seconds that i pad was voted more. Why? We chose ipad because ipad was easy to find competition. (Samsung tablet and blackberry playbook.) It was also easy to create biased. We used a lot of biased in our question. We asked 7 teachers our survey question but only 2 people chose ipad. We think asking teachers was not a good idea, because they didn’t fall for the biased. But overall we got the results we wanted.
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