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EVMS: Getting Out of the Box (AAMC-GIA)

AAMC GIA 2011 Presentation by Vincent Rhodes, Connie McKenzie, Melissa Lang, & Claudia Keenan (Eastern Virginia Medical School) keywords: medical school, collaboration, PR, development, alumni relations, unique events

Vincent Rhodes

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of EVMS: Getting Out of the Box (AAMC-GIA)

Implementing Innovative Events & Increasing Collaboration AAMC Group for Insitutional Advancement • April 14, 2011 & the SILOS Donor
Event White Coat
Ceremony Strategic
Launch Melissa Lang Claudia Keenan Chief of Staff Director, Alumni Relations Director, Development Connie McKenzie Vincent Rhodes Director, Marketing & Communications "Chief of Stuff" "Director,
Dumpster Fire Supression" "Director,
Sideways Prevention" "Director,
Crazy Minimization" (likes to play with matches) (sucker for a good theme) (loves lasers) (not afraid to break eggs to make omelettes) Vision: Eastern Virginia Medical School will be recgonized as the most community-oriented medical school in the nation. Excellence
Integrity Values: http://evms.edu/MissionPossible/ To Infinity & Beyond (audience) (purpose) Up, Up & Away (metrics) Faster than a speeding bullet... (challenges) Kryptonite Fantastic Four (key players) (purpose) Burn, Baby, Burn! Combustibles
(audience) (key metrics) ¡En Fuego! Wet Blankets (challenges) (key players) Firewalkers Mission: Possible (purpose) (audience) New Recruits Declassified Intelligence (metrics) (challenges) Rogue Agents Special Forces (key players) Post-Mortems Common Calendar How do we break down silo walls (& cope with change)? Editorial Board Meetings From the Chief of Staff's Perspective: shared metrics reporting
joint budget discussions
monthly Directors meetings "We are all a part of External Affairs." Residents Breakfast
exercise) http://www.evms.edu/GIA2011 Award-Winning! (AAMC GIA 2011) You have been divided into mulitple groups. In each group you will represent Alumni, Development, or MarComm (ideally, some function different from the one you actually serve at your home institutiuon). Questions:
What does your "department" need from residents?
How can your department help residents?
How can you help the other two departments? Forging stronger realtionships
with residents
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