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Party Like it's 2014 (Aka Facebook Parties)

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Alyssa Truman

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Party Like it's 2014 (Aka Facebook Parties)

Pre Party Planning
How would Facebook Parties help my personal business and help with team growth and success?
Party Like it's 2014 (Aka Facebook Parties)
Your hosts won't need to cancel because of weather.

A Facebook party is
basically just a
homeshow on Facebook.
Same rules apply
Hostess Coaching
Suggesting books,booking and recruiting talks
Customer Care/Follow up
Hosts aren't limited to local friends. If they just moved to the area, they can still have a party!
You can kick off a business for new team members before they have even gotten a kit
They are easily duplicatible which makes for easier recruiting from them
Reminder calls/messages to those they invited
So I want to do them. Now what?
1.Create the event
Personal Page
Business Page
Use script to create event information
Upload a coverimage
Encourage her to personally message 5 or 6 friends to already have some RSVP's. Samples of what to say are in the script.
After she gets YES' from her friends, have her go ahead and use the invite friends button at top to invite the rest of the people she wants to have come. I still encourage them to continue to send a few personal messages when they have the time!
As we post images and videos, encourage her to tag her friends in things she thinks that they would like. Also, have her make sure she posts under the images and likes your posts too!
Encourage her to pick out 5 books she would like to earn with her free book rewards. Get these from her so you can post the images and get people thinking about partying!!
3.Start Posting Daily
Post welcome video
Home Office has a lot and there are some in the dropbox folder as well. When you post make sure you are asking open ended questions.
Also, take that wishlist and post the books that the hostess is wanting or likes. That helps sell people on hosting and helping!
Respond to every RSVP
Welcome and thank them for coming. Also ask a question, like how do they know the hostess?
Post Videos once a day
This is a good time to focus on books not in your party video. Books that can be hard to squeeze in during 5 to 6 minutes (VFR, Secrets, Busy/Windups). This is also a good time to take what you learned about kids ages and interests from your image posts and post videos related to those so you can tag people.
Your Videos
UBAM Videos
Others Videos
Now its time to PARTY!!!!
Post images daily to encourage interaction.
Have hostess Like and tag
When you post videos, images, etc., encourage the hostess to like each of them and to also comment and tag friends who she thinks would like it
The night of the party we always do a drawing.We are working on different ideas for them to earn more chances. Here are some we are implementing and still seeing the overall trend/success
Link them to the mini Catalog online and have them report back for a chance which book caught their eye for their kids.
Show an image with books of varying interests and have them comment about what their kids are into.
Ways to earn more entries post day of party. Examples would be: 5 pts for ordering night of party, 5 points for each customer special ordered, 15 pts for booking a show, 25 points for Joining your team!
Sending a goodie packet to those that order before midnight the night of the party
Day of party
How the Party Works
How the shopping works and ending the party!
Follow up
Have hostess post on her wall with link reminding people about the event!
About 2 hours out post an image of what they need and let them know how excited you are to party with them
15 minutes out we post reminding them to grab a snack
Other fantastic posts that day
Get them to like you business facebook page
Grabbing my snack post
Post about reason they might need to have books on hand (holidays, birthdays, vacations, snowdays, etc.)
Roll Call:
Find out who is there. Ask them a question like, "So what are you snacking on or drinking?"
Book Demo:
This is when you post a video about 5-6 minutes long that highlights some of your favorite books. At the top of this post, have them come back and tell you some of their favorites for more chances to win :)
Introduce Yourself:
Explain a little about you and your Usborne journey and your Why. Post pictures so they get to know you
Explain a little about how the party works and tips (tag me, refresh often, etc)
Before the actual shopping starts post the customer specials and how they can get them. If you can, find a video highlighting one or two and put in comment area!
At this point we send them to our websites and let them know to post about books they are looking for, subjects, etc. We keep discussion going on the event wall as well. Post videos of books, peek inside chapter books, etc. This is a time you can also play some random games. Like ask me a question about my business and get more chances, etc
Within 24 hours get the list from your hostess and close out her show. Make sure you follow up and mail stuff to the people who won, etc. Within 48 hours I like to follow up letting everyone know that their books shipped, invite to follow me on my social media and also invite them to host or join. I make sure and comment on some of the their books they picked too!

Also, Depending on where most of the people are at I post the books arrived image about 3 days later!
Benefits seen
Success Bound Faster
See success faster
Expanding the reach and influence of UBAM
Can help kick off downline who are not near us
I can add more parties to my schedule cause I never have to leave my family (or couch and show)
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