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By. Jess An <3

Jess An

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Random.Really.

Is texting talking its toll on correct usage of language? No; Texting kills proper manners of
talking and makes people not talk,
but text to each other for socialization.
Yes; People get to talk to many people
at once and it makes people write
more carefully, because many others
may see the message as well. Who's right? :S
Lets' take a look... first, to the NO side Abbreviation of words during texting
makes people forget correct spellings
and use only abbreviations in real life There is a strong association between
text and phonological awareness.
ex. tonight = 2nite
It requires quite a level of cleverness
and phonological awareness to understande
new abreviations. So texting makes you smart! Abbreviration used in texting creates
playful & creative ways of communication
and benefits modren literature. Many people lose their skills of grammar
since texts are usually shortened and
it's written quick Lets' look at the 'YES' side Texting will be the new form of communication which everyone can talk freely, and it will be developed as the technology is developed Texting makes people happy : ) THANKS FOR WATCHING :D
what's your decision? YES? NO?
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